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I'm replaying this for the nth time, this time on PS4, because sometimes you just want to do sidequests and be girls. Anyway!

In Chapter 2, just had an encounter with Nooj outside the Den of Woe, and it got me thinking: what does Nooj think is going on? It doesn't sound like Shuyin's driving all the time - among other things, a charismatic leader and organizer he is not - so does that mean Nooj isn't aware that he's possessed? He asks the Gullwings to help him get into the Den of Woe; is that something Shuyin wants, or does Nooj want to dispel its evil somehow, or find answers to what happened to them?

What does Nooj think happened at Mi'ihen? Presumably he, if he's mostly the one driving and I suspect he is, doesn't remember shooting his friends. Does he just...not think about it, like his brain avoiding the place where the hole is? Brains do that; people with various forms of brain damage can be very functional despite not being able to notice that there's something missing because the noticing bit is part of what's damaged.

Is Nooj confused, when he walks up to Paine and she gives him the cold shoulder?

I kind of want to write a fic now from Nooj's perspective on the events of/surrounding the game, especially while he's possessed and - I think - unable to notice it. ...He must be lonely.

And of course I can't help but think about Paine's perspective on that scene too, how Rikku and even Yuna are asking her about Nooj like he's an ex-boyfriend when she's thinking about how he tried to kill her. No wonder she shuts it down so hard!
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I woke up about 1/2 hour ago from an exceptionally vivid nightmare in which I (and it was first-person me this time, which is unusual and made it more vivid) seemed to be starring in a psychological thriller/murder mystery/horror story. When I woke up, I wrote down as much of the plot as I can remember on a notebook I keep for dreams and things I think of right before sleep. However, I'm still twitching with adrenaline and scared there's a murderer in my house. (No lie: I was terrified to climb the stairs, because in my dream there were several murder attempts that involved stairs, and I woke up during the last one, which involved dropping something from above the stairwell, but I woke up when we had just ducked away from the stairs [into, now I think of it, my parents' bedroom] and hadn't seen what it was, so I felt like it might still happen.)

*twitches, looks around* I hope I calm down sometime before noon. (Goddammit, part of me says, I got to bed what, five hours ago?) (Wow, another part of me says, that dream could make a kickass story. You should write it.)
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So, I was thinking. And then I thought, "Does any language have a structure where you *add* a prefix/suffix/whatever to the *plural* to get the *singular*?" And I couldn't think of one. (If you know of one, please, tell me all about it!) And then I thought, "What could cause a people to have a language like that?" And then I started wondering why people default to singular. Answer: there is only one of me. So then I got to thinking...

Singleton (working title) takes place in a world in which the vast majority of people are born in sets of twins (both fraternal and identical; it's not scientifically evolved enough to distinguish). Twins share a lot of critical identification information even in our world: family, date of birth, much of their early life, that pseudo-mystical "twin sense" of which so much is made. So, I reasoned, what if, as a result of having almost all twins, the plural was the default for the language? How does this culture work? What are its base assumption?

The answers so far )

If I start thinking about the magic, I have a feeling I'll be here all night. But this? This is *awesome*. I can't wait to find the plot. I already have some characters.
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Today is not a creative day. I produced three (3) things of minute value today:

1. The title of a sci-fi story, "Bad Revolting Stars", with nor plot nor characters to back it up;

2. A who-what-where for what may be my novel-after-next, about the modern world being taken over by magic and the roles people aquire or are forced to take on;

3. A slightly better idea about my next novel, "Candle Ends", which is about a duty-bound protagonist, identity, and the difference between what we want and what we fight for. I like this, I really do. It could be good, or at least not bad. (And if she ends up married to him and staying home to raise the kids, maybe waitressing on the side, but happy like that, it's not my place or anyone's to say she shouldn't.) I'm going to have trouble sitting on this until school starts.
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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: Home to more homoeroticism since, or possibly until, “Harry Potter was rapidly becoming obsessed with Draco Malfoy.”

My Observations on the subject )

Current plot ideas:
1. Yellow ribbons on a black armband, in the Muggle and wizarding worlds.
2. The kind of love the Champions thought was most important.
3. The actor playing Barty Crouch Junior? Is the Tenth Doctor. Need I say more?
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My mom wants me to write Kero singing some crazy song while Nakuru plays the harmonica or some such to accompany him.

Teach me to talk about the ficworld with her. Plotbunny for sale!

Mwahahah going to see Serenity on Friday. Do not know who Ami-chan has invited to come with us. Should probably be worried. She promises I know them. This does not help matters any.

Hah hah no school tomorrow glee!


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