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So the past two weeks have been made of insanity, which is why I haven't been around much. But as of fifteen minutes ago when I turned in my last paper, the insanity is OVER. (Okay, I still have to pack. Hush. That's pretty relaxed; I have like a day.)

Quest game: DONE, and it went great. By some freakish miracle for which I am still awaiting the charge, nothing went catastrophically wrong. Of course, this is only encouraging me to do it again (provided that Quest doesn't implode in the next year or so, which is not by any means a given). There was also that implosion, but I have decided to ignore it until sanity is restored.

French paper & assignment: DONE, ha bitch, take that! Essay is actually pretty okay, though it took FOREVER to get like 6.25 pages. Assignment should probably be longer, but whatever. He said "comment BRIEFLY".

Greek translation & commentary: DONE, although not very elegantly or insightfully. Should still be adequate, however.

Chem final exam: DONE, and btw a week and a day after our last exam? Not cool. I hope I did okay, because it seemed like I was done freakishly quickly. Eh. I definitely passed the course, and that's all I need. Though an A to give my GPA a boost would be nice too.

Greek gender paper: DONE, though in fact it sucks, which makes me feel bad. I saved this until last despite it being longest, because when the going gets tough I can just kind of throw words at the keyboard until such time as a pagecount minimum is reached. I shall miss that class.


Of course, my sleep schedule is kinda fucked, my room is a mess, and I haven't packed, but who cares? Those can be sorted out a)when I get home, b)...later. Much later., and c)after I get back from dinner with grandparents, which is now a guilt-free endeavor.


Sep. 8th, 2010 09:14 pm
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God, you people. I go away for a week to flail my way into the new semester, and LJ explodes again? Why does that always happen?

So, yeah. I'll be posting from here almost exclusively from here on out. (Note to self: move icons!) Drop me a note in this comment if you have a DW I can read there, though I'll still be reading on LJ as well. Also, if you want a DW but don't have one, I have invite codes to burn.

I'd make a statement about not crossposting to FB, but I already don't cross the streams. Just consider it said that I would kill you for breaking radio silence.

In other news, I have an APARTMENT. Fuck yeah! I mean, kitchen! FULL BATH ALL MINE! I am totally willing to trade the fact that my 9 am is across campus and I'm 10 minutes from anywhere for the bit where I HAS A SPACE.


MWF 9-10 is Chem. Should be a nice little brainstretch; I haven't done Chem since high school and am rather out of practice. But I like it. Known Facts and Right Answers have their place. Also, I enjoy problem sets more than I should.

MW 1-2:30 is French. Good topic, boringest teacher. That notebook is sekritly for ficcing in while I pay just enough attention to respond when he lets someone else talk for five minutes. I totes knew better than this, I've had this teacher before, but I wanted to get the damn major requirements DONE already.

MW 2:40-4 is Greek. Awesomest teacher (I ♥ Professor Andy, and I am far from alone). One of the signs of a great teacher is when he tells you about the time he sacrificed a cake by dropping it down an airshaft in the science tower, back when the Classics offices were in there. Yeah. Wacky things classics people do.

W 7-10 is a seminar, Gender and Sexuality in Ancient Greek Culture...well, I hope it is. I'm not technically in the course yet, but as I'm a *senior* *major* who *needs this course for major requirement* I'm pretty far up the waiting list. (Apparently there are currently 30 people signed up or wanna-be, for a course limit of 15. And that's not an arbitrary limit: we could fit 19 students in the room tonight, but we were pretty low on chairs.) So I'm pretending I've got that guaranteed. Lalala.

Q: Why does my homework come with a NSFW label?
A: Because Greek Comedians.
Q: Seriously?
A: Yeah. Andy felt the need to warn us about squick.
Q: But--literature? Ancient culture? Art?
A: Comedy.

Also, you know you're in for another book idea when one of the oldest works of literature to completely survive opens with the characters discussing whether or not shit jokes are passé. This one is Basically Just Porn: The Layperson's Guide to Classical Literature.

Apparently as long as the filthy jokes have participles, they are Art. Who knew?

Also, happy new year, everyone!
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Possibly my Latin teacher will not be expecting a chapter of my future thesis on fanfiction. Too bad. Even if it is not as devoted to the Aeneid as it should be, and is mostly about the Lavinia novel (which is awesomesocks, bee tee dubs).

I feel the desperate need to write fanfic. Possibly to cover my shame at being completely unable to remember how to do citations.

I feel that the High School AU That Never Was or some similar hilarity is calling me. At 2:30 in the morning why.
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Okay! Last class of the semester is over! Now I may have time and energy to post about the various things I've done over the last few between writing too many papers and studying for my Japanese final.

*sigh* The road goes ever on and on...
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I'm sure there is a reason why my Japanese vocabulary for this chapter includes "space alien". Really. I'm sure they had a reason. (Since we're doing polite language, and another vocab word, which for some reason they think they have to actually give us, is "moon", I figure they want us to be prepared to give directions to the space aliens from the moon when they arrive.)

At least they're teaching me words I actually stand a chance of using along with things like "branch office"...
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Words of reading response: 310
Sentence of same: 7
Words in longest sentence: 87
Words in shortest sentence: 20

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Okay, so basically Jason? Is an incredibly obnoxious bitch who needed to be punched in the face more as an adult.

I am of course enjoying Medea immensely. It helps that I am supposed to think the above about Jason. Also, I introduced my class to the term "mansplain" today. (Jason: I know it can be difficult, living in exile... Me: Stop mansplaining, you bitch.)

So while I kind of want to stab someone now, it's in a constructive way, caused by Jason being written as a total pig, rather than a destructive way, caused by fail.
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Dear Japanese professor,

Thanks so much for graciously agreeing to let me make up the dialogue presentation, even though you usually don't allow anyone to make anything up ever. I am so honored that you'd make an exception. But, you know, the guilt trip may be a little excessive. Yes, I should have emailed you that morning, but you shouldn't guilt-trip me about my absence, because when I woke up yesterday morning? I could not speak. You did not want me to come to class, and I would not have been capable of speaking Japanese--or any other language--if I had. It's not like I skipped class for a lark. I was sick, as you may have noticed by me coughing through class this past week. I guarantee, I was the one made most miserable, by whole orders of magnitude, by this situation.

So, y'know, telling me about what an inconvenience it was for my partner? Not really necessary.

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1. (Which I remembered) If the kanji section includes something you don't recall, either a word or a radical, check the rest of the test--it may be there. In fact, the test may be clearly labeled with the kanji for 'test', right at the top of the page, conveniently covering up the fact that you forgot the right-hand section of the second kanji.

2. (Which I unfortunately did not) When you don't know a verb, katakana + suru. Especially when it's something like "leave a message".

3. (Which I just learned) Guessing the questions will be of limited utility. "What is [an answering machine] called? Explain in Japanese." was never going to be something you could have anticipated.

4. Pray that your answers are graded on accuracy of Japanese rather than on whether or not your explanation of an answering machine would actually explain one.

*sobs bitter tears*
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Had all my classes today (I know, my head will explode), so I can safely say that things seem good. However, my Japanese vocabulary has dwindled to near-nonexistent and needs serious help. On the plus side, it's not like I have anything to do tomorrow other than homework!

So, I have Japanese first (study study vocab kanji help), then Latin (where did all these people I've never seen before come from?), then French (wheee Chretien de Troyes!), then Greek (heheh Medea heheh). A good assortment, I feel, as I'll alternate English-speaking and not. Plus, good teachers all round, I think. Not sure about Japanese yet, as I've never had her before, but otherwise win. So that's a bonus.

Also, finally finished up my character sheet for the Judea game. After thinking about it, I realize that I may have created a variation of True Neutral I've never seen or heard of before. See, she's a druid priestess...of Cybele, goddess of caverns, nature, fortresses, earth, and some of the wildest parties in the ancient world (and that's saying something). And she's a lot of what you'd expect of a priestess whose initiation involved a bull's-blood shower. But also a fair amount of what you'd expect of a provincial woman who's very aware of the benefits of the Roman system.

The thing is, most True Neutral goes in hardcore for the Buddhist thing--moderation good, excess bad. Either that or just apathy. Whereas this character's philosophy is rather Ecclesiastes, when I think about it--"A time for living, and a time for dying; a time for going to the public baths to relax before visiting the library to study the serious tome, and a time for drunken revelry and possibly orgies; a time for laughing, and a time for opening up a can of whoop-ass in a fashion most violent." She refers to it as "the drought and the flood" aspect of nature. And
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The good: FINISHED WITH EXAMS YAY!! Also, finished my French essay, w00t w00t. It is kind of...okay, so I ended up claiming that the "monstrous" women in the short stories we read were the subconscious projections by the male authors of the masculine traits of which they were in their deepest hearts ashamed (because these traits SUCK), but they couldn't admit that patriarchy = fail, so they had to project these traits (like objectifying women) onto the antagonists and then genderbend the situation to make these antagonists demonstrably Other. What made the women monstrous was that they were doing those really sucky things that men do, which are bad if they're done to real people (i.e. men). So, complete buzzword bingo, but it made sense. I think. And I used quotes.

The bad: Astronomy final = made of FAIL. I didn't study right, and the questions were way too open. "What is [noun]?" is just a kind of sucky question in general. Also, everything is "Hubble", and I'm better at the equations than explaining theory but there were hardly any equations, which made me sad. But! At least I did guess what a few things were correctly, as I discovered when I looked them up in my notes afterwards. Partial credit plzkthx. Curve plzkthx.

The flail-inducing: MUST PACK. So that I may go to the place of the home tomorrow. Have not done so. Also, intend to take advantage of the scanner one last time to scan a whole bunch of Kingdom Hearts pictures I did yesterday when I should've been studying. But they came out okay, I think.

The top of my right foot is a bit swollen. I am confused; it doesn't hurt, and there's no visible sting or anything. It's just...swollen. Not even red. Weird. Hopefully, it will go away.
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Although dark sarcasm is always welcome, in the classroom or elsewhere.

So now I have several days to do whatever I want, then graduation practice, then graduation, then I never have to go near a high school again.

Life is damn good.
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I just had my last gym class of EVER. I will NEVER have to change into gym clothes and run around outside surrounded by stupid people at a teacher's command AGAIN.

Words can not express how happy this makes me.

On another note, reading LotR makes me write FFX fic. Best not to ask, I think.
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I lied. Holding a freshly-printed booklet (blast it all; the word I need is 'libellum', but it doesn't exist in English!) of your stuff, yours yours yours, after you've worked on only it for days and spent hours fiddling with pictures, fonts, introductions, and formatting, is the best feeling in the world.

I'm finished with my English project! And it's only due in final form tomorrow! Whee!

I really like it, too. It came out very well indeed. ♥
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Especially when I get to go to an English Department Yay-Let's-Give-People-Awards! ceremony that takes me out of gym. Hah.

And I got an award, the Senior Department Award or some such...and a book. Guess which makes me happiest. It's a book of misc. Virginia Woolf, including the Mr. Bennett and Mrs. Brown essay that I searched high and low for (including by pestering the English teachers) but simply could not find.

There are few things more satisfying than discovering that someone remembered a want you mentioned once and took it into consideration. Aww. ♥
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Myself, I am currently ded from impending AP exams, so do not expect to see me. I will be wandering around, reading bad pr0n because it does not involve my brain at all.


Feb. 22nd, 2007 08:18 pm
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I got an acceptance letter from SUNY Binghamton (my safety school) today. This is good, as it means that Cygna Senior Year Worry #1, None of the schools to which I've applied will take me, can safely be set aside. This makes waiting for the school without rolling admissions to finish their glowering much less nerve-wracking, as I know I can go to college somewhere.

*sigh of relief*
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Well, in my case, I'm home, having just gotten back from a night on the town--where by 'town' I mean 'high school' and by 'night' I mean 'Senior Lock-In'. I've been there since eleven. I got a few hours' sleep before then, but other than that I'm running on yesterday night.

It was great. It really was. See, the thing was that there were only about 70 people there (of 300 or so seniors), and it self-selected for people who thought that giant Twister, sumo wrestling, and DDR were good ways to spend a Friday night. So it was mostly people I'm at least vaguely friendly with, and all the activites were fun. To start with, we played a few games of tag, and then everyone split up. I (and Shiro, Stormflare, Aerinth, and Sarah) went to play DDR. We also played a game of Twister, which was fun. We got to play a couple games of dodgeball--a rare treat, since the game is no longer allowed in gym class, but everyone likes it.

Then we played cards, DDRed some more, ate sugary things, and generally had fun. It was like a large-scale version of one of our parties at someone's house.

I'm not even that tired. I attribute this to staying active. Oddly enough, if I kept doing things, I didn't feel tired. Well, I did, but just-did-DDR tired, not need-sleep tired. It's like I tricked my body into thinking it was a lot earlier than it really was.

It still doesn't feel like 5:30 in the morning. Thus the post.

That was probably the most fun school event of my high school career. (Pity the dances aren't more like that.)

(Yes, this is what I do on Friday nights. Leave me alone.)
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Rough draft of three-and-a-bit-page paper written in one hour, including digressions, goofing off, futzing around trying to think of an opening paragraph, and the rest.

Of course, writing about the Furies/Fates/etc. as they appear in Great Expectations is both fun and easy.
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His idea of a "Yes, this is hard, that's the point!" pep talk involved saying that the BC Calculus class existed to fight evil. We're mathematical superheroes!

It's kind of sad that I go to math for a pick-me-up after IR makes me alternately furious and...incensed. Whatever.

BC Calculus superheroes! Fear our might!


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