Jun. 25th, 2011 11:38 pm
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Up: I can has employment!

Down: I have been feeling deeply emotastic this week. Feh.


I am increasingly looking forward to this movie, because every time another trailer comes out it looks more and more like they Get It. The It in question being that, of all the superheroes we have ever thought up, Captain America more than any is about the character rather than the powers. He's a hero because he's Steve Rogers, not because he has superpowers.

Now, I know it's traditional to say that "all the good stuff is in the trailers", but I don't think that's going to be the case here: the best moments in the trailers are *character* moments, and those tend to travel in packs. Steve is adorably earnest and serious (but not naive, thank god, not dumb, just sincere, which is a distinction people often forget can be made), Peggy just looks better every time I see her (and she's wearing clothes! Like, all the time! And being professional and badass and awesome! Be still, my heart!)...


I'm also going to love this more than all the rest because unlike the other supermovies of the summer, Captain America is about someone who chose. No one told Steve he had to be a hero; quite the reverse. And while I'm rather fed up with heroes who try to refuse the call but are just speshul enough to get it anyway (looking at YOU, Hal Jordan), I will love forever the heroes who chase the call down and wrestle it into submission. <3333333!!!

"What made you so special?"
"Nothing. I'm just a kid from Brooklyn."


(Whether or not it's *true* isn't the point. The point is that Steve should always *believe* it.)
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So, for a day that started off with me not getting enough sleep (my own fault and no one else's), today turned out to be pretty damn awesome.

First really quite nice thing: Thursday my Latin teacher says she's going to have us listen to Ursula K. LeGuin being interviewed about her recent book Lavinia, which is just piles of awesome because LeGuin is totally who I want to be when I grow up. She wanted to write Aeneid fanfic, so she taught herself Latin and read the whole thing because a translation just isn't as good, and then she wrote a book giving agency and words and characterization and that to the female object-of-desire who never speaks in the original. Want to be her. So. Much.

Second thing: there was someone in the campus center selling various things, including comics, and I got a smallish pile of single issues, including four Perez Wonder Woman (!!!), for $1.00 each (except for the Death of Superman issue, which, yeah, that actually *has* collectible value and everyone knows it). But! Perez! Wonder Woman! The original Cheetah issue! ONE DOLLAR! I couldn't get an issue of Wonder Woman new for a dollar, let alone an issue from the oldest and IMO best modern age run. Wonder Woman squeeee!

Third! My French professor asked me to be his research minion for a manuscript translation he's doing! This would be eeeeeeeee enough, but what it is, is a journal from 1127 and thenabouts when there were succession-scuffles over the county of Flanders (which at that time was bigger, richer, and stronger than any of its alleged liege lords [England, France, and HRE], able to field one thousand knights Jesus Christ that's a lot. What I'll be doing is going through to pick out the characters of note, and then looking them up in a nice book on the history of the Flemish nobility and writing up who's related to whom and how. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

Okay, so that wouldn't be so awesome for most people, but I love that stuff with a totally inappropriate passion. Family trees and relationships and manuscripts and a book with stuff like heraldry? DO SO VERY WANT. And I can get paid for this!

*drifts off into a happy daze* I think this is proof positive that, despite the heavy--and unevenly distributed--workload, these are the right classes for me. Fuck huge amounts of homework, this is awesome!


ETA: Also, Geoffrey of Monmouth is a pseudo-Virgilian whore. Just for your edification.
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So, Disney's buying Marvel.

This does not worry me much, as no matter how evil Disney is, they'd have to try really damn hard to screw up worse than Marvel already is. If we're very lucky, the comics' downward spiral to GRIMDARK and the Disney fluffotron will cancel each other out. Hopefully.

But you know what's really important about this? KINGDOM HEARTS III: DEFEAT DOCTOR DOOM.

That's right, this makes Marvel officially fair game for the gallivant-about-Disney-properties-fest that is KH. Think about it. At the very least, my crossover ideas are now significantly less crossovery.
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The long ones, in particular, which I have the most trouble finishing. These are the stories I am happy to babble about.

Assorted fandoms, assorted genres )

If I could actually get any of these done, that would be nice...*sigh* I fail so hard at longfic.
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Best AU that ever was canon.

So, apparently it is now Marvelverse canon that a)in an alternate universe where Tony Stark was female, she and Cap got married, and b)as a result of their relationship giving them more motivation to not break upresort to violence, Civil War never happened. Which leads me to the logical conclusion that if 616!Cap and Tony had been able to get married the way they OBVIOUSLY WANTED TO, none of the shit that's happened since Civil War would've happened.


I really don't know what the writer was trying to convey, other than, "Cap and Iron Man are TOTALLY MANLY and NOT AT ALL GAY, but if it weren't gay, they would totally get married".

There are a lot (a *lot*) of slashy subtexty moments for Steve/Tony, but this one sails happily over the line from subtext to just text.

Original story idea for [livejournal.com profile] capiron_bigbang: outlined, but I have a sick suspicion I won't be able to actually fill enough words, and it doesn't really go anywhere or say anything new.

Story idea spinning happily off of this single image: detailed outline of an extensive plotline, complete with dialogue snippets, exploring an alternate universe and the problems Tony would face as a woman.

I...guess I'm switching stories, then.

(Funnily, I'm least happy with the actual True-Love-prevents-Civil-War portion of the outline, because I'm so convinced that Cap and Tony's love is already pure and true in 616--they're certainly the best of friends, who usually trust each other and talk about issues, especially political ones--that I'm having trouble constructing a reason it would go differently. Other than, of course, the fact that the way it went in 616 was totally inconsistent with all prior canon on similar subjects.)
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So, it's been announced that sales are so low, Blue Beetle is being canceled. This, for those of you just joining us, is a BAD BAD THING.

I'm not blaming DC too much for this; they seem, even Didio, to genuinely like this comic and want it to succeed. Although I find some issues with the way they do and do not promote it (Blue Beetle is appearing on TV RIGHT NOW in "The Brave and the Bold"--some kind of ad in-credits indicating that he has a solo title you might like to read would be a good idea), I don't feel in the mood to doubt their good intentions.

What I want you to do: buy Blue Beetle. Why? Because it is awesome.

Ways in Which Blue Beetle is Awesome
  • Genuine all-ages read--fun for kids, doesn't seem dumb to adults.
  • Hero with a family and friends who support him and are kickass even without powers.
  • No fridging.
  • Guest spots from everyone--the nicest you've ever seen Batman! JLI together again, such as there is of it!
  • A genuinely nice, goofy, fun guy with ridiculous power fumbling through working out how to use it.
  • Did I mention the supporting cast?
  • Great writing, fine art, good times.
  • Complex personal relationships and morality.
  • Teen hero whose problems don't include standard wangst fodder.
  • Jokes.
  • Superhero who trusts his civilian supporting cast with his identity, because they're his family and friends. And also he was missing for a year.
  • Hero wins "with a little help from my friends", and by outthinking his enemy.
  • Legacy character: even though he never met his predecessor, you're doing it right.

    In fact, it has a lot in common with Avatar in many ways. Like Avatar, it's something the whole family can enjoy, that the kids understand and the grownups find interesting. It has fully realized, non-stereotypical characters. It has relationships and characters that don't boil down to "generic good" and "generic evil". It subverts your expectations. It has characters who aren't afraid to be funny, who make mistakes, who sometimes fail. It has parents who actually...parent. It has heartwarming, tragic, comic, action-packed, and intellectual elements.

    So go buy it. Here's the first trade on Amazon.

    If you really want to help out and get warm fuzzy feelings in the process, Toys for Tots never has enough stuff for older children. And comic books have the advantage of not requiring, say, a video game system or computer.

    And finally, why is no one reading? The initial writer speculates on the future of comics. He makes a good point--free online comics get a lot more readers than any offline paperback, and the writers/artists don't seem to do too badly on the financial front, either, since they cut out a lot of printing costs and overhead. I for one would be happy to see a BB online that just produced a trade paperback every six months or so.

    Go forth! Buy! Save Blue Beetle!
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    So. We went shoe and sock shopping (new sneakers, yay! new Mary Jane-type shoes, yay! new fun and silly socks, yay!), and then we went to the bookstore, and I got a copy of Watchmen. And then I sat down and I read it. And then I staggered around making vague noises as my brain tried to process everything.

    I knew what was going to happen in some detail, which possibly took away from the first read but also let me slow down and take everything in.

    It's weird, because I like comics so much, and because my favorite character is who he is, reading this, and seeing characters I know and love through a glass, darkly. It's strange, because while it's the comic-book deconstruction, it's also loving, in a way. The way you can pull characters apart and expose their deepest flaws to the world without loving them any less.

    Watchmen is dark, yes, darker than I usually like, because I want to believe that people are, that humanity is, fundamentally decent.


    This story is older than I am. When this story was written, people could say, "That could never really happen."

    Reading it in 2008, I don't have that luxury. I know it already did.

    Worse, I know that by comparison I would almost prefer this to what really happened. I know that I can only wish that when it did happen it had saved the world, had ended the war instead of beginning it. I know that I can only wish we got an ending that happy.

    I'll say that again: I wish reality had as close to a happy ending as this comic book.


    Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair.
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    1. Charming Local Festival on Saturday--i.e. wander down Main Street, which is closed off and lined with booths selling things, play games, eat unhealthy but delicious food (mmmm funnel cake). Also, the adopt-a-pet booth had a six-week-old kitten who, when I picked her up, clambered up to my shoulder and fell asleep. It was the most adorable thing ever, and only great strength of will kept me from begging to be allowed to take her home.

    2. Renn Faire on Saturday, always fun--watching fights, wandering about, shopping for this and that. Sister bought a dress, and I think I'm going to order a skirt from one of the people who was selling garb. I also want a corset, because the one I tried on was incredibly comfortable, but at $250ish...not unless I get a *really good* summer job.

    3. Iron Man this afternoon with family. Spoilers for a comics title that started in the 60s, so probably no longer counts )

    *waits none-too-patiently for a movie to defrost Cap so Tony can get some hugs around here*
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    Why college is awesome: today I got to go listen to a classics BNF (specializing in Virgil) give a talk about his analysis of the Aeneid as related to the early Augustan Age, and what Virgil was saying about both--was he using Aeneas purely to show the good bits, or to highlight the bad? It was most excellent. He was a very interesting speaker, and although I haven't actually read the Aeneid yet, I was fascinated and felt that several new perspectives were rattling around in my head afterward.

    Blah blah classics blah blah Marvel blah )

    My fandom did it first. Pretty much guaranteed.
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    1. There's an actual community. And it provides feedback. Lots of feedback. This is rare on LJ, especially for a first or second fic in a fandom. Feedback! I can has it! (As opposed to CERTAIN FANDOMS which refuse to give me any feedback for my crack epic of cracky awesome. Except for Kaz, who is shiny.)

    2. Crack. Crackcrackcrack. I think this stems from the fact that canon contains pretty much anything you can think of, except mostly the NC-17 stuff. But. Canon already has genderbending, zombies, clones, alternate universes, and enough plot devices to do whatever it is you do with a lot of plot devices. We mostly make pretty pretty people have sex. Sometimes they're zombies, or enchanted, or not the sex they were yesterday, or evil, or not exactly in the right timeline, or zapped by sex pollen, or more than one of the above, and it's not like we're exceeding the bounds of canon plausibility.

    3. People who feel free to take canon and make it better. I really like being somewhere where people will try to keep some kind of consistent characterization, but beyond that, anything goes. All too often fandoms end up in the reverse situation--characterization optional, plot from a template. I hate. Hate lots. Comics fandom has a slightly depressing tendency to be better than canon, for various reasons related to the American comics medium and its inability to let characters go.

    Also. I swear there was an also when I sat down here. And I'm pretty sure it didn't involve porn. Although I'm not sure why not. No, I haven't gotten enough sleep, why do you ask? But my essay is done, so it's all good. Caffeine for the win.

    Oh. I remember. For any of you who may know what I'm talking about, I have a lot of trouble taking the bits of the Green Lantern story with Parallax seriously. I mean, all this bad stuff happened courtesy of a trigonometric concept? I hate to see what integrals could do to these guys. The PTB just opened an astronomy textbook to the glossary and picked a random word, didn't they? Stupidest. Name. Ever. Well, no. This is comics, after all. But most names don't make me go, "What does the inverse of the distance in parsecs have to do with anything, and why is it such a bad thing? Do the Guardians have something against the ability to calculate stellar distances?"

    Yes, I had astronomy today. We learned about the parallax effect. It's stellar. (Sorry.)
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    Last day home, sadly. But! We went to the local comics store, and I banditized. I got the third Blue Beetle trade, a handful of Booster Gold issues, and the first volume of that adorably violent Harley Quinn series.

    As you can imagine, I was somewhat at a loss for which icon to use. I finally decided on Jaime, because Jaime is AWESOME. The boy's real superpower? AWESOME. It leaks out all over his supporting cast, making them awesome and snarky and capable and emotionally realistic too. (Dear Jaime, if for some reason you and Traci 13 don't work out, I will marry you. For realz.)

    Which is not to say that Booster&Ted isn't also shiny and made of slashy, but with that I'm distracted by the questions like, "Will we ever find Max's characterization?", "They're not going to let us keep this even if we deserve it, are they?", and "Someone please tell me Rip Hunter is evil, because otherwise I might have to listen to this jerkface." Except that last one isn't a question. Imagine me saying it in a questioning voice.

    Harley Quinn is...well, the art makes every female character look more curvy and flagrantly sexual than they really should, but they're being eyecandy while kicking ass and taking names, so I don't mind. ...Great. Is there a message here? Like, "We'll fully develop the female villains into characters with interaction, but the female heroes are on their own"?

    Things I Like in Comic Books:
    1. Snark
    2. Subtext
    3. Self-aware characters
    4. Solid supporting cast
    5. Strong female characters
    6. Something else starting with 'S'
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    But I'm the Blue Beetle. And the thing about us Blue Beetles...We don't need no stinking powers.

    God, Jaime, you make me love you more and more every day. I wish there were comic shop up here, so I could get your awesomeness in complete form somewhere other than [livejournal.com profile] scans_daily.

    Seriously. Blue Beetle: for decades now, the kind of legacy character all other legacy characters can only dream of being.
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    So, I just read Runaways vols. 4-6 in one sitting.


    I need to be emo for a minute now.

    It's not like I didn't know or anything; I've known for months which of the original characters was, as they say, no longer with us. But...it hurt anyway, because that much sheer awesome should be immortal. And because it was well written, and everything up to that was well written, so it hurt anyway.

    Weird as it may be, I love when something I read makes me feel this way. I wouldn't if it weren't so well done, y'know? And reading something genuinely emotionally moving always makes me happy, even if it's sad.


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