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Dear Japanese professor,

Thanks so much for graciously agreeing to let me make up the dialogue presentation, even though you usually don't allow anyone to make anything up ever. I am so honored that you'd make an exception. But, you know, the guilt trip may be a little excessive. Yes, I should have emailed you that morning, but you shouldn't guilt-trip me about my absence, because when I woke up yesterday morning? I could not speak. You did not want me to come to class, and I would not have been capable of speaking Japanese--or any other language--if I had. It's not like I skipped class for a lark. I was sick, as you may have noticed by me coughing through class this past week. I guarantee, I was the one made most miserable, by whole orders of magnitude, by this situation.

So, y'know, telling me about what an inconvenience it was for my partner? Not really necessary.

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I go away for five minutes, and they suspend [ profile] scans_daily. Figures.

It's rumored widely that the person who reported the community (for copyright violation) was a comic writer who objected to people getting his content for free. If this is true, I have to say that he has no understanding of how s_d, and free online content in general, interacts with paper sales. If something is good, then people who read it or some of it online will be interested enough to buy a copy. Really. It's free advertising. It works with books too -- when American Gods was made available for free online, the result was...higher sales of American Gods. Even though people could read every word free. Strangely enough, it really does work that way. Speaking personally, every comic book I own, except maybe Sandman, I found out about through [ profile] scans_daily. If I hadn't been able to find out for free that they were things I liked, I never would've stepped through the comic shop door. There is nothing I've refused to buy because it's on s_d--with the possible exception of things where a few panels were worthwhile, but I didn't want to Encourage Them.

Of course, if your content is bad, and people post it online so others can find out before shelling out for it, you're boned. To which I say: tough shit. If your sales require buyers not knowing what they're getting, then your product shouldn't be selling.

*sulks* "Copyright violation", hmph. This never happens in fandoms of Japanese origin. At least, the continued existence of suggests that it wouldn't be in any way established practice if it did.

I think I'll move to Australia.
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YOUR ANALYSIS IS BAD AND YOU SHOULD FEEL BAD. And by this, I mostly mean that this (Marivaux's Arlequin Poli Par L'amour) is not a piece of which I find the analysis rewarding. I like to analyze two types of things: things which I really like, in which case I enjoy exploring in more detail the world that pleases me; and things which I loathe, in which case I enjoy pulling it to pieces as punishment for its fail. This is neither. It's a mildly-amusing comedy-ette, probably much more so on stage than in text, which takes its subject matter from fairy tales, myths, and commedia dell'arte. The problem? I can just as easily play Trope Bingo with this piece, as I am already quite familiar with every last thing he appropriated. It's not like he put a new spin on it either. Supernatural being sees young man asleep, falls in love--check. Abduction of young man by fae--check. Shepherdess-check. Magic wand that must be stolen--check. *Yawn* Been here, done this, enjoyed it more then.

And also, analysis was tiresome, because it was all drearily Freudian, about the fairy queen as mother/lover and such, which annoys me and makes me cranky. Partly because it reduces the stories quite thoroughly to revolving around the male lead. Incredibly self-centered, really. And also because it's...just cranky-making. Perhaps my family is too functional to appreciate it, or maybe just too female-ridden to worship the power of the Magic Phallus. Because seriously, that's how I felt it was being presented. The fae's magic wand is representative of masculine power which the male lead steals from her in order to become a man, and obviously as soon as he has his Magic Phallus all will be well. Rrrgh.

Finally, I'm sick and tired of such shoddy characterization. It's all very well to say that the male lead is being shown going from mental/emotional/sexual infancy to puberty to adulthood, but where's the part where he becomes a person? Great, he's a fully sexual being now, but when did he acquire a personality?

RRRRRRRRGH. *gnaws scenery* (I'm turning into one of those feminists who bitch about phallocentrism all the time, aren't I? In my own defense, I wouldn't bitch so much if they didn't fail so much. I mean, a lot of *fanfic* is better, and not even very *good* fanfic. I realize this stuff was written in the olden days, but characterization was not a recent invention.)
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Voltaire, je vous aime. Vraiment. Honnetement. Mais quand vous ecrivez une piece qui a tort tort TORT, je ne suis pas desolee d'avoir dit en classe que vous a tort. Et Zaire? A tort.

Si je ne savais pas autant des Croisades, peut-etre je pourrais etre en accord avec vous. Mais je sais que le chretiens etaient unlawful, bloodthirsty invaders, donc je m'en fiche quand L. decrit la mort de ses fils. Je suis, en fait, sur qu'ils l'ont merite. C'est leur faute, la terre n'appartient a eux, et si O. les tue, mes sympathies sont entierement avec lui.

(Cher L.: Tais-toi, tu xenophobic old windbag, et va-t-en, quitte ce pays qui n'est pas a toi.)

Zaire: si tu veux epouser un homme, et tout d'un coup tu decouvres qu'il a tue des freres pendant la guerre, t'es vraiment nee chretienne, blah blah blah, PARLE-LUI, imbecile! Et, bon Dieu, ne fait pas des promesses qu tu ne comprends pas! Si t'as de l'honneur, parle forthrightment avec ton fiance, avec ton pere, avec ton frere, et essayer de trouver un compromise. Si tu n'en as pas, fais-toi baptisee, rend content votre pere, et apres sa mort, epouse l'homme qui tu aimes, et vivre happily-ever-after. J'ai pas de patience avec toi. Enfin, je suis contente que tu soit morte, parce-que tu n'auras pas d'enfants. C'est bien pour l'humanite. J'espere que ton frere meurt aussi tot que possible. J'ai fini avec ces femmes sans spine!

Oui, Professeur, je comprends ce que Voltaire veut dire avec tout cela. J'ai un tete de moi-meme (pas comme la "heroine" de cette piece). Mais je ne l'aime pas, je pense que c'est imbecile, et je le dirai si je veux! I know, but I do not approve, and I am not fucking resigned.

Voici ce qui se passe quand j'ecrit en francais quand je suis fachee: je ne bother pas de chercher des mots, donc je melange mes langues.

C'est une piece tres bien ecrite, c'est la raison pour laquelle elle me fache tant. Bien ecrite, mais wrong wrong WRONG you FAIL sir.
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According to Ms. Silly Math Teacher, it is very "ignorant" of us to not pay attention in class and very "ignorant" of us to be doing other things while she's trying to teach. It is also very "ignorant" of us to ask for extra credit after not paying attention.

The entire class, during this little rant of hers, was regarding each other with raised eyebrows. When asked, she replaced "ignorant" with "rude and disrespectful".

Now, y'see, I've been a rude and disrespectful person in her class. I'll even throw in obnoxious. But, lady, anyone calls me ignorant and he, she, or it had better make his, her, or its will, 'cause around here, those are killing words.

Have I mentioned that I loathe and despise this class, and am bored stupid?

On the plus side, I got a 7 on the math league test today! This means I don't have to worry about getting a spot for the next meet, yay! Of course, I probably won't get extra credit for it, because it was me asking, but it's fun anyway.

I must now type the essay I wrote in English. Internal editor shutting down in 5...4...3...2...1...0. We have robot. I repeat, we have robot.


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