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Okay so I've been terrible at posting here but I will try! To remedy that!

I'm mostly popping up because I'm a mixture of intellectually exhausted and wildly elated. Which in turn is because I wrote 3000 words of original fiction in only about two hours. Which in turn means that I finished the werewolf novel. It's 75,000 words and has taken me a total of three months, which I think is not too shabby considering the number of holidays, changes of medication, etc. that were included in said months.

Novel!!! Exists!!! In very rough draft, since I for example realized that a chapter I'd planned for one point belonged several chapters earlier, but it exists!!!!!

Wow. I did a thing.
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Dear Blanchard,

If you would like to provide me with your FIRST NAME, that would be lovely. I rather need it while people are running background checks on you and being hired by you and, oh yes, trying to kill you and things. Pearlman was very forthcoming with *hers*, and she's the hard-bitten detective here! You're the sexy yet mysterious client. Even if you're not very mysterious, and Rosa isn't interested in women, sorry. But I digress. You need a first name! I know you have one! TELL ME WHAT IT IS!

an irate writer who's no good at noir anyway, why does she bother
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So, to better motivate me towards actually getting things done, I've decided to start posting the stories I'm working on bit-by-bit, for feedback and to ensure that there are people to nag me. Accordingly, here is the first part of the story I started two days ago.

Luotes, part one )
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So, apparently when I write original fic about an orphan who turns out to be a werewolf who was adopted after crazy bigots killed his "pack" but thought that the children could be "saved", my inspiration stalls out and/or I realize that a)this fic would be similar without the werewolves and b)it wants to have chapters, with an option of c)I have a character arc but no plot to hide it in. On the other hand, when I decide to write about a "pack" of werewolves with kids living in suburbia, 2,000 words just dance by. I don't even know.

On the other hand, I'm actually happy with this story. It's kind of unbalanced--two sections for two kids at 500 words each, followed by a section at 1,000--but I like these guys. They're fun, they're fresh, they don't bore me or make me wonder what the point is of having them be werewolves in the first place, they don't make me feel like I'm indulging in teen angst, and above all, they're different. I feel like this story is actually saleable, or will be after a few more scenes and some editing, because it's not the same old stuff. Werewolves? Meh. Pack of werewolves, actually living together? Slightly less meh. (Seriously, writers, social creatures.) Werewolves raising kids? Nonmeh. Werewolves in white picket fence land? Tell me more!

Maybe it's just me, but...werewolves living in a more wolflike pack structure with Mom and Dad and then a whole bunch of aunts and uncles? Adult werewolves? Werewolves with children? Werewolves at PTA meetings? DO WANT.

The person who paid good money for a story with werewolves and m/m sex if you've got it may not agree, though. I may end up writing her another one, but...werewolves at PTA meetings!
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See, the way it works is:

  • I am not about to go upstairs (=hotbox) between noon and 10 pm. Because agh agh death.
  • The network cable is upstairs. This controls my access to the Internet and its many distractions.
  • Therefore, I do not go online between noon and 10 pm.
  • Writing requires little movement and produces minimal heat.
  • Writing can be done downstairs, in the land of comparative cool.
  • I have only limited brain available during the afternoon.
  • On the other hand, after dark I start to perk right up.
  • Writing is also quiet and does not disturb the sleeping.
  • Writing can be done at all hours.

    Therefore, I wrote...something like ten pages? Of handwritten story today. It's original, a fun thing inspired by a series of short stories I read elsewhere. Hopefully different enough not to make me feel guilty. But. I have at least three other stories of the same length floating in my head, and that's not counting the vignettes. Yeah.

    And yes, it is in fact 2 am. And I'm more awake than I've been in hours. This heat wave is screwing with my sleep schedule.

    I believe I shall type this story tomorrow. Draft two time!
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    So, I was thinking. And then I thought, "Does any language have a structure where you *add* a prefix/suffix/whatever to the *plural* to get the *singular*?" And I couldn't think of one. (If you know of one, please, tell me all about it!) And then I thought, "What could cause a people to have a language like that?" And then I started wondering why people default to singular. Answer: there is only one of me. So then I got to thinking...

    Singleton (working title) takes place in a world in which the vast majority of people are born in sets of twins (both fraternal and identical; it's not scientifically evolved enough to distinguish). Twins share a lot of critical identification information even in our world: family, date of birth, much of their early life, that pseudo-mystical "twin sense" of which so much is made. So, I reasoned, what if, as a result of having almost all twins, the plural was the default for the language? How does this culture work? What are its base assumption?

    The answers so far )

    If I start thinking about the magic, I have a feeling I'll be here all night. But this? This is *awesome*. I can't wait to find the plot. I already have some characters.


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