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Because I just couldn't resist. Approximately 3,000 words, written yesterday on not much sleep, so if it sucks, don't hesitate to tell me.

A summary would be a spoiler, but if you know me, you know what I was inspired to write about most.

Noblesse Oblige.
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1. List up to 20 characters that you like to write. (Original characters are welcome)
2. Ask your friends to comment to this post with questions directed to the listed characters.
3. Reply to your friends' questions in character inside your own "head canon."

1. Touya Kinomoto (CCS)
2. Kero (CCS)
3. Regulus Black (HP)
4. Salazar Slytherin (HP)
5. Helga Hufflepuff (HP)
6. Ozma (Wizard of Oz)
7. Pel, Duke of Galstan (Dragaera)
8. Vladimir Taltos (Dragaera)
9. Edmund Pevensie (Narnia)
10. Shasta (Narnia)
11. Maedhros Feanorion (Tolkien)
12. Denethor (Tolkien)
13. Auron (FFX)
14. Jecht (FFX)
15. Gippal (FFX-2)
16. Vossler (FFXII)
17. the Judges Magister Gabranth (FFXII)
18. Judge Magister Drace (FFXII)
19. Gramis (FFXII)
20. Reddas (FFXII)

And if you cannot find someone on this list from a fandom you are interested in, I declare myself confuzzled. (Or maybe I just don't have much headcanon for them.)
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(Having given up, at least for now, on FFXII [maybe in a few months I'll be un-bitter enough to start over], I do memes.)

1. Take your OTP
2. List your personal canon for those characters. So the stuff that has nothing whatsoever to do with the books, but in your head is irrefutably what would have happened

Increasingly, my HP OTP is Severus/Regulus, and they're also the only two characters for whom I have any real personal canon other than the Founders, who I don't think of as a pairing. So, Things You Should Know about my S/R:

Read more... )

Any of this of interest to anyone? Comments? Questions? Snarks about how I definitely crammed more than ten pieces of personal canon in there? Anything to distract me from studying for math?


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