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As an end-of-undergrad-classes-FOREVER present to myself, I bought both Portal and Recettear. A shopkeeper is me! (OMG SO ADORABLE I REGRET NOTHING.)

Speaking of which...end of undergrad classes. Forever. I'm not really sure how to feel about this. Except that I wish it wasn't.
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So, I had my Bat Mitzvah today, only...*counts on fingers* eight? Nine? years overdue. But hey, I got there in the end, didn't I?

It was nice. Various friends & relatives came to see me make a fool of myself with my little speech-thing and read the Torah (which is to say, recite the three lines I memorized, as is the traditional way). There were ten of us, which kind of boggles me -- that's an entire minyan of college students who wanted to really do this Judaism thing at once! Weird.

Anyway, there was food, and people gave me clothes, and we chattered at each other in our inimitable fashion. And it was nice.

I think the moral of this story is that the things you learn about yourself at college are never the ones you went there looking for.

Speaking of which...graduation in three weeks! Neep!
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So the past two weeks have been made of insanity, which is why I haven't been around much. But as of fifteen minutes ago when I turned in my last paper, the insanity is OVER. (Okay, I still have to pack. Hush. That's pretty relaxed; I have like a day.)

Quest game: DONE, and it went great. By some freakish miracle for which I am still awaiting the charge, nothing went catastrophically wrong. Of course, this is only encouraging me to do it again (provided that Quest doesn't implode in the next year or so, which is not by any means a given). There was also that implosion, but I have decided to ignore it until sanity is restored.

French paper & assignment: DONE, ha bitch, take that! Essay is actually pretty okay, though it took FOREVER to get like 6.25 pages. Assignment should probably be longer, but whatever. He said "comment BRIEFLY".

Greek translation & commentary: DONE, although not very elegantly or insightfully. Should still be adequate, however.

Chem final exam: DONE, and btw a week and a day after our last exam? Not cool. I hope I did okay, because it seemed like I was done freakishly quickly. Eh. I definitely passed the course, and that's all I need. Though an A to give my GPA a boost would be nice too.

Greek gender paper: DONE, though in fact it sucks, which makes me feel bad. I saved this until last despite it being longest, because when the going gets tough I can just kind of throw words at the keyboard until such time as a pagecount minimum is reached. I shall miss that class.


Of course, my sleep schedule is kinda fucked, my room is a mess, and I haven't packed, but who cares? Those can be sorted out a)when I get home, b)...later. Much later., and c)after I get back from dinner with grandparents, which is now a guilt-free endeavor.
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I think maybe I or someone should be worried about the fact that Medea is high on my list of Characters I Would Marry Like A Shot. (What? I'd be fine; I'm not a philandering mansplaining douchebag!)

OTOH sexy powerful women who could kill me while subverting gender roles and then fly off in a chariot pulled by dragons = the hot.

Being a classics major is weird. Among other things, you redefine weird sexual attractions. Mostly because after a few vase paintings, you yourself feel positively vanilla. Unless you were attracted to the phallos-birds, in which case there is no help for you.

In other great news, I got into a playwright workshop for next semester! Apparently it is first come, first served, which for once was good for me -- I snapped on it, then emailed the prof asking about the writing sample that was allegedly required. And suddenly I received my POI without actually having to submit any such thing! Victory!

This means Alice in Wonderland project will absolutely get written next semester, w00t.

I'm thinking about taking only 3 classes next semester. Give myself a bit of a break on the last semester before REAL WORLD OMG. (Also, none of the French classes look interesting, and the Medieval Women Writers is unfortunately at the exact same time as Homer. And I <3 Homer too much.)

I should probably plan for after that.



*hides under blankets*
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Okay, so basically Jason? Is an incredibly obnoxious bitch who needed to be punched in the face more as an adult.

I am of course enjoying Medea immensely. It helps that I am supposed to think the above about Jason. Also, I introduced my class to the term "mansplain" today. (Jason: I know it can be difficult, living in exile... Me: Stop mansplaining, you bitch.)

So while I kind of want to stab someone now, it's in a constructive way, caused by Jason being written as a total pig, rather than a destructive way, caused by fail.
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So, for a day that started off with me not getting enough sleep (my own fault and no one else's), today turned out to be pretty damn awesome.

First really quite nice thing: Thursday my Latin teacher says she's going to have us listen to Ursula K. LeGuin being interviewed about her recent book Lavinia, which is just piles of awesome because LeGuin is totally who I want to be when I grow up. She wanted to write Aeneid fanfic, so she taught herself Latin and read the whole thing because a translation just isn't as good, and then she wrote a book giving agency and words and characterization and that to the female object-of-desire who never speaks in the original. Want to be her. So. Much.

Second thing: there was someone in the campus center selling various things, including comics, and I got a smallish pile of single issues, including four Perez Wonder Woman (!!!), for $1.00 each (except for the Death of Superman issue, which, yeah, that actually *has* collectible value and everyone knows it). But! Perez! Wonder Woman! The original Cheetah issue! ONE DOLLAR! I couldn't get an issue of Wonder Woman new for a dollar, let alone an issue from the oldest and IMO best modern age run. Wonder Woman squeeee!

Third! My French professor asked me to be his research minion for a manuscript translation he's doing! This would be eeeeeeeee enough, but what it is, is a journal from 1127 and thenabouts when there were succession-scuffles over the county of Flanders (which at that time was bigger, richer, and stronger than any of its alleged liege lords [England, France, and HRE], able to field one thousand knights Jesus Christ that's a lot. What I'll be doing is going through to pick out the characters of note, and then looking them up in a nice book on the history of the Flemish nobility and writing up who's related to whom and how. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

Okay, so that wouldn't be so awesome for most people, but I love that stuff with a totally inappropriate passion. Family trees and relationships and manuscripts and a book with stuff like heraldry? DO SO VERY WANT. And I can get paid for this!

*drifts off into a happy daze* I think this is proof positive that, despite the heavy--and unevenly distributed--workload, these are the right classes for me. Fuck huge amounts of homework, this is awesome!


ETA: Also, Geoffrey of Monmouth is a pseudo-Virgilian whore. Just for your edification.
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After attending each of my classes once, I believe I can safely say: this semester is going to ROCK. Also, if I can't do a good translation after this semester, I will never learn.

[M/W 11-12:20] Medieval Lyric Poetry -- Awesome thing #1: there are only six other students in the class. Just the right size. And the teacher is giving us two short papers and a creative project. Also, he provides poems in two columns, with original language in one and English in the other. Since I know a fair number of these languages, this means I can work with the original, which ♥. Love this. Somuch.

[M/W 1:10-2:30] French Workship in Literary Translation -- aka the Harem Class, because twenty girls showed up, and only one guy. Also, this class was literally packed--there were twenty chairs, so two people sat on the windowsills. Why? Well, the professor is an expert in translation, so this is his thing. Also looks very heartsiful.

[T/Th 10:30-11:50] Herodotus -- Yaaaaay favorite teacher is back! This is a slightly odd class, because there's only one Greek class 200-level and above in spring, so some people have a lot more practice. But we all know each other, and it shall be fun.

[T/Th 2:30-4] Pliny & Trajan -- ...One other student, and one person auditing, showed up today. I have a bad feeling about this. And kind of wish I'd gotten into the other class I wanted, so I wouldn't be there either. Teacher is not so hot. Still, Latin is Latin.

Like I said, if I can't do a good translation after this, I never will.

Also? NO CLASS ON FRIDAYS! (In practice, this likely means I'll have work then instead, but work yields money, so.)

Love college. So much.
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Over, that's what it is. And that's beyond doubt the best thing about it.

I hate Tuesdays. They suck. I had Greek with the constant frustrations attendant thereon, and then got my Roman history exam back and got an 80 (I thought I should be mostly studying from class notes; turned out I should've been heavy on the primary sources) and I have a one-page essay for Thursday that I didn't actually get the assignment for, and then I had a translation exam in Latin which actually went pretty well except for the freaking out beforehand, and so I kind of don't want to leave my room for a week.

Fall break is waaaaay too late this year--it's not for another two weeks, and I need that damn break to destress before I have a breakdown! Breakdowns are bad and lead to poor grades!
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Sort of, anyway. This week's problem set was easier, only partly becausse I worked out that the answers to odd-numbered problems are in the back so I can see if I'm right or not.

I just have to get used to going a lot more slowly than I usually do. Because it's actually hard, and complicated, and has to be thought out beforehand. But I feel pretty good about this problem set--a few things I want to ask a much more knowledgeable friend about before turning it in, but in general, I'm left with a feeling of satisfaction.

Also of having pounded on my brain for a couple hours. 'Night.
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Class report, after one class of each.

Greek: Blah blah let's get through the remaining grammar fast so we can get to the interesting bits, i.e. court cases from before they'd invented the bit where law was boring. "Man finds wife in bed with other man and kills him--is he justified?!" and "Man gets in fight with other man over affections of boy--is it assault?!", now playing in a classics class near you! (Is very very srs! And intellectual!)

...Oh, wait. I have to learn verbs for tomorrow. Intellectual wins again.

Roman History: Holy crap the room is full! I'm just going to take that as an endorsement of the class. Blah blah lecture blah. Listen to the prof talk time! But hey, a "big" class here is sixty-five people, and this is the price we pay for listening to the actual professor.

Worst thing: I have ten minutes to get here from Greek. Boo hiss.

Latin: Hooooly crap there's a lot of work! I mean, 70 lines due tomorrow! Lot of work! But I can't not be a fan of a course whose textbook is a book of poetry with "erotic" in the title. (See? Classics ver' srs. And totally not about relationship angst. Really.)

*reads* Awwww, Catullus! You miss your brother so much! *hugs* ...Now quit it with the similes.

Physics: I've forgotten way more calculus than I like. But I know for sure that the non-calc equivalent would've been too slow for me. I can sense it. I'll remember or swot up again. And...SCIENCE!!!

French: Me + afternoon class + warm room + twenty other warm bodies = zzzz. I spaced out half the time already. Woops. I'm betting on this to be the class that suffers when the others get hard, because it's...not hard. I can totally discuss literature in French. But hey, that's life.

So, that's stuff. Now if you'll excuse me, I don't know the damn' Greek verbs and I still have fifteen lines of Latin to do.
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Bad thing about house: it is 8678934756807 miles from everything. Okay, I hyperbolize. But getting to the center of campus means crossing the biggest and busiest street. This is what I get for being a country girl.

Met roommate; she seems nice so far. More normal than me, but that's not saying much--and no one who has a snakeskin on her dresser can be oppressively normal. It's just not possible. (Also, it's surprising how reassured I can be by a simple quirk like, 'I really hate the overhead light'.)

Either this room is smaller than the other, or it seems so due to my bed not being on top of the desk & dresser. Still, the house has an actual kitchen, so that reduces the amount of space needed.

Bought some of my books. I neeeeeeed to get back to work, because I'm about three inches from bankruptcy. Admittedly, I'm a college student, but the more money I have, the less stress I put on the parents' economy.

Long distances and all, I'm really glad to be back. At home over the summer, the places were all familiar, but not the people. Here, I ran into two friends so far, a handful of acquaintances, and a whole bunch of vaguely familiar faces. It's more like home than anywhere but my actual, physical house.
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Finished my Japanese exam! It wasn't too bad, I didn't think: for most of it I was successfully in my test-taking fugue state, which involves working methodically and having unusually neat handwriting. Yeah, I don't know either, but it's a good sign--if I'm confused, I come out of it.

There's only one thing, a kanji, I know for sure/felt like I got wrong, and half a point on a 100-point test isn't anything to worry about. I'm expecting a high 90s on this, judging by my previous, smaller tests. (Yes, I have my highest grades in this class. Yes, it's the most intensive. That's how it works with me.)

It's kind of sad to be done; I really loved this class, and I wasn't able to fit the second-year class into my schedule for next semester around courses I actually kind of need for majoring purposes. So I'll have to take another year off, which is a sadness. (Why am I not trying to triple, you ask? Because 1)I am not that kind of insane, 2)Multiple study-abroad-required majors don't work very well at all, and 3)it's not like they kick non-majors out of the classes.)

But! That's one done, and well done. *still riding the high*

*dances joyously*
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I just got out of my last class of the year. That's it. I'm done. I mean, I have another week and change of studying, essay-writing, exams, and packing, but that's it for the learning portion of our year.

I think I must've enjoyed this year, because wow! I can barely believe it flew by so fast. (Also, ha to those people saying at high school graduation that those were the best years of our lives: if I could have a year over again, just for the heck of it, this would beat high school hands down.)

In other news, the astronomy teacher found it "funny" when I wrote, at the start of the semester, that I was taking the class so I could write a sci-fi novel without making a fool of myself. I find this completely reasonable: nothing throws a reader out of speculative fiction faster than an author who blatantly Did Not Do The Research, and if I write sf, I have to expect a significant number of readers more science-y than I who will catch me if I screw up. Among other things, I now know when various phases of the moon rise and set relative to the sun. Tell me that's not useful in writing. (Yes, I know most people won't catch any errors of astronomy, but the ones I value most are the ones who will, in fact, go "WTF?" if I write something silly, like a six-star planetary system.) Besides, astronomy provides a wealth of story hooks. ("What would it take to give a binary star system terrestrial planets? What kind of life could they support? What about a system consisting of a supergiant and a black hole? What would that look like?")

And that's not even getting into dark matter ("Well, it's 90% of the universe's mass, but we can't find it.") and dark energy ("It's why the universe isn't collapsing back together, but other than that, we have no clue.") The superhero origin of the twenty-first century? Why, yes! Quite possibly in a century or so it will seem silly, and people will be saying "Dark matter does not work that way", but in the here-and-now it beats having to pretend that the Atom could ever have picked up a piece of a neutron star (density > pretty much everything, on account of not having those fiddly spaces between atoms).

So, yes, I did in fact get the knowledge I took that class to obtain, which makes it a win in my book.
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For those of you who haven't already guessed, I'm taking a few days of hiatus from NaNo, because I have to do research for a ten-page paper before break starts. But never fear! I shall return, and I shall prevail!

I have three ten-page papers to do before various points in the next month. THREE. One analysis paper (okay, so I'm writing about how women are rewriting folklore from a female perspective, which I could babble about for a lot more than 2500 words), one research paper (no information on women and the popes WHYYYY), and one research paper--in French (I'm doing poetry of WWII, though, so when in doubt, pad with quotes!). DO NOT WANT!

Also, I've been in the library for three hours taking notes (in longhand, because I'm old school like that) from books about various popes, on every women who gets mentioned at all (a disturbingly low number). My brain is kind of dead, so I'm going to go do techy things for a while before coming back and starting the part where I go to the bibliography I wrote and try to find some freaking useful sources.

HATE. Research papers for the LOSE.
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I came out of lunch at about 12:30, at which time you could hear the bells ringing in the chapel two buildings down. "That's nice," I thought. Then I thought, "This sounds familiar." Then I thought, "Hey, wait a minute..."

Bong bong bong bong ba-bong bong ba-bong.

It was a wonderful sound to hear.
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I was wait-listed for Amherst, too. I guess I'm just that kind of person.

Book swap tonight! Whee!


Oct. 9th, 2006 07:06 am
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I am now panicking. Please hold. Your regularly scheduled nutty fangirlism will return in a moment.

Or not. Ahhhhh! I'm going up to Swarthmore for an overnight visit today, and it's just...ahhhh! First time I've ever been away from home solo (anything where there are other people doing the same thing as you doesn't count), and you can currently color me terrified.

On the plus side, one of the local trains runs straight up to Swarthmore, so no train-switching. But still...PANIC! (At the Disco) [Sorry, but not even while panicking can I let feed lines go.]

See y'all when I get back Tuesday, if not before.


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