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Dear KH fandom,

I am in ur fandom, pastichin ur epics.

They should know better than to give classicists a prompt like "historical AU". The only prossible result is participles EVERYWHERE and fun with names and then EVERYBODY DIES. HAHAHAHAHAH!! Fear my nerdery!

(It's totally historical. In a Herodotean way. "Father of lies" is such a harsh term.)

I have no idea why I appear to be punch-drunk on writing epic. Maybe all the silly got bottled up while I was being srs bard?

Also wrote & posted lately And the Puzzle that is Me, because actually I *couldn't* think of anything for that prompt around the sound of Simon & Garfunkel. Except occasional Amy Lowell. Which didn't help. So it doesn't make so much in the way of sense. But that's okay. I seldom do.

Working on a bit of Cartoon Heroes written. And most of the thing I picked up for [ profile] lgbtfest. W00t.

For the record, my major is the lulziest major. "Hello, class. Today we're going to talk about pederasty. Here, look at some vase paintings that would get you booted off of LJ if you posted them."
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I've been writing the last few days. Just haven't posted about it. Today I worked more on Epic HP Futurefic of Doom. I need to step this one up in a major way; there are seven years of stories I want to tell and I'm only on their first morning at school. And starting to push 10,000 words. Yeah. On the other hand, I'm having fun filling Hogwarts with cameos and interesting names. (Next task: can I possibly make 'Kain Highwind' not scream 'I am a Final Fantasy character hanging out here because HP crossovers are required? I begin to suspect not.) And developing characters while booting stereotype and generational cookie-cutterism firmly to the curb. So it's not like it's a *burden*. I mean, I just discovered that they're going to discover Sherlock Holmes and become *detectives*. Also, the house-elves will go on strike, the Triwizard Tournament will happen -- twice, and Albus Potter will be a terror when he discovers grassroots political organization. Which he will need what with the getting kidnapped and spied on and occasionally flat-out attacked he and his friends get up to. Not all in the same year, of course. That would be a bit excessive. Wouldn't it, Harry?

I also wrote a bit of something FFX, but I'm not sure it's postable yet. The prompt...would make a nice fanvid. So the text version is a bit fragmented. And by 'a bit', I mean it's all fragments.

However! Here's a bit of backlog-clearing of what *is* postable: And Share Alike, or In Which I Take An Establishing Shot of Dona's Backstory.
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So, first thing: having given up on actually getting the AU story to behave, I'm just posting it and hoping for the best. In Your Place. I officially authorize you to nit-pick to your editorial hearts' content about character voices that might be off.

I really like it, though, as an idea. Especially the first few scenes; I fear I may have lost some momentum towards the end, but there were scenes that just had to be there or the story wouldn't be *done*.

In other news, I went to Shakespeare & Company to fall down their stairs and buy some books in English, because not reading books actually stresses me overwhelmingly. I feel much better now.

Also working on sporking, and I want to give one of my novels another go in the editing department. Presumably the early one, where I have to be very careful with the themes involved, but there was some genuine galateagenesis in the first draft, so I am optimistic. And it's that or picking a time period for the pseudo-Austen (only with lesbians! and magic!) and doing research.
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In my defense, RL spent a fair amount of the week coming up with new and fascinating ways to kick my ass and ensure I couldn't even study properly thanks to stressing out. However! I did actually write some things this week.

Tuesday, I wrote a FFX story for my Lulu, Wakka, and Chappu claim. It isn't posted yet because I'd really like to send it through a beta to help me kick the character voices back on track. ("Hey, I know! I'll write an all-dialogue AU piece! That'll be fun and not hard at all!") Any volunteers?

Thursday, I decided to start a new [ profile] pyre_flies claim. Yes, I decided that what I really needed in life was another immense prompt list I would never finish. You see, I realized that I am really deeply interested in Dona as a character. Because yes, she's a bitch (though this tends to be more of a sellig point with me than otherwise; one day I will unpack the reasons why), and yes, she's obnoxious and demanding and dismissive...but also, she's a summoner. So there has to be something more than the obvious there. And I will ferret it out, using my mad ferreting powers!

Just a Little Game is the first attempt at doing a little ferreting. It's...well, if you recognize the title, you know when it's set. When she does something that, when you think about it, isn't quite as purely nasty as it appears, is it? Just like her.

Today so far I am 500-some words into ferreting with ferrets, part 2. This time: I invent backstory!
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Auron/Rikku is, I have decided, the Eriol/Tomoyo of FFX fandom:

  • No canon evidence whatsoever;
  • In fact, possible negative evidence in terms of other relationships, interests, or similar;
  • They may have spoken once or twice about another canon character (Sakura, Yuna/Tidus);
  • A much larger age gap than most fans acknowledge;
  • Other issues (being dead, being the half-reincarnation of a great and powerful sorcerer who could see the future in graphic detail) skated over without so much as a nod;
  • Characters tend to appear in places (Japan, Spira) where they have no reason to be, as they are officially elsewhere (England, the Farplane);
  • Canon non-romantic relationships getting thrown out the window (Guardians, what Guardians? Summoner, what summoner?);
  • Appear as secondary pairing in stories featuring the major canon pairing (Sakura/Syaoran, Yuna/Tidus);
  • Take up space that could be used for canon pairings (too many to list);
  • Have many truly idiotic fans who make us all headdesk with their prejudices against certain pairings (age gaps, slash) while ignoring issues with their own (age gaps, necrophilia);
  • Are mostly in stories with no buildup or explanation of pairing whatsoever;
  • I have seen them each done well exactly once.

    Argh. FAIL and LOSE.
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    So, if hypothetically I were to have written a FFX/X-2 genfic about Kinoc and the plotting that went into various Mushroom-Rock-based events, and I wanted it to be posted in a community somewhere where people would see it (and by 'people' I mean 'people on LJ whom I respect as writers'), where would I hypothetically find such a community?

    Seriously. Somewhere that takes FFX fanfic of a non-romantic nature and contains some reasonably good writers. I'm not that picky. But where is it?

    Or maybe there's not enough gen to warrant a community. *sigh*
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    I wrote fic for my boys again. Yay. It's over on [ profile] pyre_flies.

    I'm particularly proud of the prose on this one. I like the way the rhythm came out, and some of the imagery. It was a good story to write, and I think a good story in general. (Warning! Tearjerker!)
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    My True FFX Personality Type: Easily Amused )

    In other news, fandom has ruined my brain. I saw a story titled "The White Mage and the Slasher", the summary of which began something like, "Tidus is a crazy slasher..." and automatically turned that into a)a lot of giggles, b)a "Tidus is one of us!", and c)a pseudo-summary continuation, "and [Male Character's Name here] is the hapless victim of his fictional escapades!"

    No more fic for me.
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    ...For the first time, that is. I intend to start over straightaway and go for the perfect ending, although I do not think I will enjoy it as much as I enjoyed the "imperfect" ending. It's...more right, somehow, for the story to be about moving on, rather than have it end with moving back.

    I stand by my earlier resolve to take Gippal and forcibly fashionize him, where by 'fashionize' I mean 'make look less like a pirate clown on speed'.

    Now I feel comfortable enough with canon to go find out how badly people maul it read fanfiction for it. Expect to hear screaming.

    As a final note, I know this game is not as good, objectively or subjectively speaking, as FFX. But I like it. It's good enough.
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    Not that this particular stupidity is in any way unique to Final Fantasy X, or Final Fantasy at all, but two FFX fans have advanced this argument to me in the course of a week or two, so it feels like it is.

    "[Character Name] cannot be gay because he is too masculine!" is not, and never will be, a valid argument against writing slash about [Character Name]. Never, do you hear me?! Never!

    I'm sorry, but...what? Okay, I lie. I'm not sorry. Since you're clearly too stupid to work it out, I must tell you that:

    A gay man is interested in having sex with other gay men, who are also interested in having sex with men. Thus, being "masculine" is not a bad thing if you are a gay man! No, really!

    *commits acts of serial stabbitydeath on stupid people*

    Also, your argument is not improved by your refusal to use the shift key and wanton disregard for the apostrophe. The atrocious spelling is just icing on the cake.

    For future reference, the following are respectable arguments in support of a dislike of slash featuring [Character Name]:
  • He has always struck me as irredeemably straight.
  • He's so in love with [Character of Opposite Sex], it would feel wrong to split them up.
  • He has so many issues, I can't see him ever actually *doing* anything about any feelings he might have.
  • I don't think of him as extremely interested in sex with anyone.
  • I can't see him with any of the other male characters.
  • I prefer not to read every single relationship as sexual.
  • Bad slash has made me extremely wary of any slash at all.
  • It just floats not my boat.

    The following are NOT respectable arguments:
  • He's too masculine to be gay!
  • It's icky and gross!
  • But he was married/in a relationship with a woman!
  • He's not pretty enough!
  • He's too attractive to women to be gay!
  • You're sick if you like that stuff!

    Fanbrats of the world, take note.

    (This argument was advanced about Jecht and Auron, by separate people and in separate fora. And then I laughed myself sick. O di immortales, some people are stupid.)
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    Today, I committed serial posting over at [ profile] pyre_flies. Two fics, both Final Fantasy X, both gen. One is Death By Cute, the other is not so much so. Yay?

    More people should join [ profile] pyre_flies. Right now, there are something like six of us, and we can't fill a fandom void (i.e. lack of goodfic) on our own.

    In related news, I obviously need at least one FFX icon, for posting purposes. I should have space...
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    I finished FFX.



    People say video games are desensitizing. I invite them to play this one and find out how desensitized they feel.

    Seriously, it's like Sandman meets Tolkien with a heaping spoonful of Young Wizards thrown in. (There are, by the way, few greater compliments anything with a story can be given.)


    So, anyone done with the sequel?


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