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This is how you crack down on underage porn.

You respond reasonably. You use normal English everyone can understand. You make it clear that this is not, in fact, a change in policy. You delete the offending content only for the first offense, not the whole account. You explain your reasoning. You show how it helps more than it hurts, but you admit that it can be a bit of a pain. You present a reasonable alternative--post graphic content elsewhere. You try not to be a hypocrite. You talk like a person, not a company. You understand their concerns. You present yourself as being sympathetic to their point of view.

You don't insult the customer.


The real, fundamental problem with this whole thing is how LJ/6A is "handling" it. Remember not so long ago when decided to no longer allow NC-17 content on their site? Remember how people complained, bitched, and got over it? Wonder why there wasn't nearly as much wank, as much anger about that?

Maybe, oh, because announced their change in policy before implementing it?

Any site, up to an including Livejournal, has the right to say, "We will not accept this-and-such a type of content on our site." If that includes graphic fanart of characters who seem underage, so be it. HOWEVER, it is, if not legally then morally, wrong to institute a change in policy--either its text or its enforcement--without warning the people affected by this change.

If you need to be told this, I'm not sure I want to take what you give me for free.
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Despite all the fear, anger, bitterness, and generalized bad emotions over the last few days, I did find something reassuring about this whole debacle.

Most of the time, fans are solitary creatures, living in small groups and snapping at anyone from the wrong tribe. We tend to subdivide and subdivide and subdivide into special interest groups, and often these groups don't get along very well. But this week, for the first time I can recall, fandom banded together. All of it: slash and het and gen and femslash, Harry/Ginny and Harry/Hermione and Harry/Draco and Harry/Snape, fluff and plot and smut and kink.

It's no wonder 6A and WFI both underestimated us: never before has fandom demonstrated the ability to self-organize, self-inform, and self-mobilize with such speed and cohesion as we did. Not being fans themselves, they didn't realize how fast news travels or how quick fans have become to defend each other against an outside world that mostly doesn't care much about them. Even fans were surprised; I know I was. Do you realize that this entire debacle took less than a week? That fandom knew and had suggested responses before much of LJ management had even been informed? When we get really riled up, we work pretty well together.

Now, if only we could find a way to make this sense of unity last...
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LJ claims to have reinstated all the suspended fandom and fiction journals. Certainly all the ones I've seen are back.

Although I do have a paid account, it's not scheduled to lapse for quite some time, so we'll see about that when we see. I'm not entirely sure I'm a strong enough person to get rid of the icon space. For those of you who have sponsored journals, however, I do endorse switching back down and telling LJ why. Why should the bad guys be the only ones allowed to hit them in the pocketbook?

And people say spontaneous protest is dead.
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Strikethroughgate continues. LJ still says nothing.

[ profile] fandom_counts is a community devoted to tallying the number of journals owned by fen--many of whom are threatening to jump ship if this does not stop immediately. Please join, along with all your fandom-related journals (RPG, ficjournals, whatever), so that LJ will have to see how many people they stand to lose.

Additionally, especially those with paid accounts, leave a comment at the latest [ profile] news post. LJ/6A wouldn't like it if all of use left, and neither would their advertisers.
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So, for those of you who didn't hear yet, several communities (many in Harry Potter fandom, most notably [ profile] pornish_pixies) have been permanently suspended on account of seeming to "solicit illegal activity"--apparently "rape", "shouta", "incest", and similar keywords in your LJ interests qualify because of the way the interests list is used to search for people with, well, similar interests. LJ says, essentially, that their hands are tied--they have no discretion to say what is and is not "serious"; if it's reported, they have to suspend you permanently.

Much of this sudden furor is attributed to the appearance of a vigilante group "Warriors of Innocence" (I am not making this up). If the letter posted on their site is a copy of a real letter sent to LJ/Six Apart, then they are essentially blackmailing LJ: remove the content they find offensive, or have your advertisers pull out after they're told that you are supporting such content. There are also insinuations that LJ "might want to contact their local law enforcement" to "give the impression of being cooperative". You do the math. IMO, LJ's stuck between a rock (loss of fans, who tend to pay very well) and a hard place (loss of advertising dollars). This is not a nice place to be for anyone.

I wonder what the legal consequences are for a false accusation of "pedophilia" or "soliciting child pornography". I think the owner of the villain RP journal which was deleted (interests include, naturally, rape, pillage, and murder) might have a case.

Panic is setting in as incest writers, rapefic writers, and chan writers feel threatened and betrayed by LJ and prepare to jump ship. Meanwhile, mass interest-deleting has taken place (I plan to get rid of mine, just on principle).

This is pretty much the best reaction there is out there.

My stance: I may not agree with what you write, but I will defend to the death your right to write it.


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