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Still bored at work. Also tired, but can't do much about that just at present.

Soulbond I.ii )
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This is only the prelim; actual posting in posty places (ficjournal, fic community) will wait 'till tomorrow, for now I am losing coherence with tired.

Scenes from a Salvation
Cast (limited to party members, including guests)
Rated PG overall for the heck of it.
No pairings, but game-style bring-your-own-subtext.
Summary: I am a Pixel-Stained Technopeasant! Why aren't you? (AKA, "I don't have a summary other than the description above.")

Three Scenes from a Salvation )

I also came back from Chicago with a fully-fledge AU plotbunny. More about that at another juncture.
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So, I was replaying FFX-2 again (I am going to keep playing until I get a 100%, although it may be kind of cheating to do it via the New Game Plus I'm using), and Elma said that Yuna's "the kind of person that decides things on their own and then just does whatever they planned to do". My thought processes ran:

1. All summoners are like that, or they wouldn't become summoners.
2. They just have to do everything for themselves.
3. That sounds exactly like Rodney McKay.
4. He would absolutely become a summoner because he wouldn't trust anyone else to save the world competently.
5. OMG fic~!

So, this plotbunny was born. Yay?

If anyone thinks of a title, please let me know )

Future installments to include: Radek, Teyla, and Ronon; fun with Al Bhed; what Rodney would be doing if he didn't consider himself obligated to protect people from their own stpidity; bonding!; further teamage; Rodney v. Yunalesca, the battle of a lifetime; Kolya possibly appearing in an as-yet-unrevealed role; and wacky hijinks galore.

Commentary, especially on John's thoughts and Rodney's dialogue, are greatly appreciated.
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Title: Because of Quantum
Part: 1/2 or more
Subtitle: OMG. WTF am I on?!
Genre: Fusion, Cracktastic
Fandom: That would be telling.
Summary: This world has probably never shown up in a Quantum Mirror. This is just because the Narrative Gods of Comedy have yet to catch wind of it.
Notes: Not written on a sugar high, or any other kind of high. I'm just that crazy.

Because of Quantum, 1/several )

Post Scripta )
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Battle Plans
Rating: G, or PG-13 for thinking.
Characters: Edmund, Oreius.
Canon: Movie, specifically the night Aslan is dead.
Summary: The night before the battle, there is much to prepare.
Warnings: Discussing battle strategy. Staying up late. Battle tomorrow.
Notes: It bit me. I had to work out where those very WWII battle tactics came from, and then it kind of snowballed into a character piece. I am so very strange.

Battle Plans )
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Because I can always find a reason not to do my homework.

The Consequences Quartet
Harry Potter; First War; gen with mentioned James/Lily; PG perhaps; 100 words per.
Summary: Getting what you want and need is good, but sometimes there are unforeseen consequences.

Sirius )

Remus )

James )

Peter )
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Five drabbles x 100 words each = 500 words total. Funfun. Feedback on any/all would be nice. Posted in order of writing.

He Called Me Regulus
Harry Potter; Regulus, Severus; Romance; pre-canon, no spoilers.
Read more... )

Love and Hate
Silmarillion; Maedhros; Angst (duh); before the death of Feanor.
Read more... )

Shades of Passion
G(r)eek mythology; Hades, Persephone; Romance; no warnings.
Read more... )

Harry Potter; Remus, Sirius; Angst/Romance; First War.
Read more... )

Family Ties
Harry Potter; Petunia; Angst; no spoilers.
Read more... )
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See! I promised, and I delivered!

Best Friends Forever
Canon: Entirely, congruent with HBP.
Wordcount: 835.
Rating: PG, for death and such.
Spoilers: HBP, for the identity of the Half-blood Prince.
Summary: Once at Hogwarts there were two girls who were the best of friends...

Best Friends Forever )
A few notes )

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