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The long ones, in particular, which I have the most trouble finishing. These are the stories I am happy to babble about.

Assorted fandoms, assorted genres )

If I could actually get any of these done, that would be nice...*sigh* I fail so hard at longfic.
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1. List up to 20 characters that you like to write. (Original characters are welcome)
2. Ask your friends to comment to this post with questions directed to the listed characters.
3. Reply to your friends' questions in character inside your own "head canon."

1. Touya Kinomoto (CCS)
2. Kero (CCS)
3. Regulus Black (HP)
4. Salazar Slytherin (HP)
5. Helga Hufflepuff (HP)
6. Ozma (Wizard of Oz)
7. Pel, Duke of Galstan (Dragaera)
8. Vladimir Taltos (Dragaera)
9. Edmund Pevensie (Narnia)
10. Shasta (Narnia)
11. Maedhros Feanorion (Tolkien)
12. Denethor (Tolkien)
13. Auron (FFX)
14. Jecht (FFX)
15. Gippal (FFX-2)
16. Vossler (FFXII)
17. the Judges Magister Gabranth (FFXII)
18. Judge Magister Drace (FFXII)
19. Gramis (FFXII)
20. Reddas (FFXII)

And if you cannot find someone on this list from a fandom you are interested in, I declare myself confuzzled. (Or maybe I just don't have much headcanon for them.)
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This is only the prelim; actual posting in posty places (ficjournal, fic community) will wait 'till tomorrow, for now I am losing coherence with tired.

Scenes from a Salvation
Cast (limited to party members, including guests)
Rated PG overall for the heck of it.
No pairings, but game-style bring-your-own-subtext.
Summary: I am a Pixel-Stained Technopeasant! Why aren't you? (AKA, "I don't have a summary other than the description above.")

Three Scenes from a Salvation )

I also came back from Chicago with a fully-fledge AU plotbunny. More about that at another juncture.
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I'm over halfway through The Power and the Glory. That's right, I posted Part Five this evening. That means I only have four more parts to go, and I'll finally get to the rest of the canon characters. Heh. (Oh, and for those who thought Vayne would be next--not even close.)

I don't think I've ever gotten this far into a multipart story, except for NaNoWriMo where I at least have a goal of sorts. This, though...I'm writing it because I want to, and there's no reason I can't stop (except that it looks bad for my first venture into a new fandom to be abandoned). Maybe it's that I know very clearly where I'm going and how long it takes to get there. Maybe it's that the chapters are of a length where I can hammer them out in an hour or two, i.e. in one sitting. Maybe I really need to establish some headcanon. Maybe it's just that these guys are in my brain and not coming out.

Well, and the next idea in my brain requires getting everyone's voice right and trying to fill the maximum possible number of plotholes. And will take extra-long, because of the number of loose ends. And did I mention getting everyone's voice right?

I have way, way too many epic!plotbunnies.
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My head hurts. *sad face* Also, the world is out to get me, and...I forget.

Oh! Right! I wrote a story (yes, it's FFXII again), about Dr. Cid: Empty Nest. Be forewarned: it contains spoilers through Archades, fairly critical ones, so tread lightly in the dragon's lair.

I love Dr. Cid, as is only appropriate for his future stepdaughter. (My mother, delighted at finding a mad scientist character well within her age range [people under twenty-five she just feels motherly about], is convinced that the love of a good woman can accomplish all kinds of wonderful new-leaf-turning. At any rate, she expresses herself as quite willing to experiment.) He is craaaaazy, and science-y, and has good dialogue, and...yeah. But he doesn't wear his safety goggles. This explains much.

I need to make new icons.
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I wrote a story! Well, part of one, anyhow. And it's for a new (in terms of fic) fandom: FFXII. Yay for politics! It makes writing genfic even better than writing romance!

So, it's over on my ficjournal, here: The Power and the Glory, Part One: Gramis. And if you can't recognize who the character is from his name in the title, it is likely to be spoilery for you, and you should wait on it. And it's gen, because gen is my one true love, especially in this fandom. Okay, except for my tendency to think up weird and too-damned-plausible pairings like Fran/Penelo and Vayne/Cid someone stop me before I write them.

That's what I did on my weekend.
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Major reaction: SQUEEEE!!!!ASKFLGHL:JHFKGF ♥ ♥ ♥

Um, yeah. This game just hit all of my 'Cygna likey!' buttons in one go: snark, old-fashioned speech, heroes being stupid and unheroic and getting called on it, good plotting, strong familial relationships, political intrigue, complex relationships, and a morality in which Our Heroes are actually better than The Bad Guys. And snark. Did I mention that?

So, um, off to read all the fanfic I haven't read 'cause I've been being good. Bye.
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FFXII is officially made of win and awesome and mad science and political intrigue (♥) and drama and puncturing the drama bubble and complicated relationships and pretty men angsting and win. That will be all.

*wobbles off, still dazed*


Jan. 23rd, 2007 11:58 am
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HELP ME! Possible FFXII spoilers )
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Asfhjd;lkdh. Balthier, marry me.

My brain is currently contemplating what would happen if Balthier met Jack Harkness. Whatever the answer is, it is pretty and sexy and will bitch at you.


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