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I need to either stop bingeing on games, or start having other things to do with my time.

Which is to say, it totally took me less than two weeks to play through FFXIII-2.

I am an incoherent puddle of emotions and. And more emotions, really.
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Dear KH fandom,

I am in ur fandom, pastichin ur epics.

They should know better than to give classicists a prompt like "historical AU". The only prossible result is participles EVERYWHERE and fun with names and then EVERYBODY DIES. HAHAHAHAHAH!! Fear my nerdery!

(It's totally historical. In a Herodotean way. "Father of lies" is such a harsh term.)

I have no idea why I appear to be punch-drunk on writing epic. Maybe all the silly got bottled up while I was being srs bard?

Also wrote & posted lately And the Puzzle that is Me, because actually I *couldn't* think of anything for that prompt around the sound of Simon & Garfunkel. Except occasional Amy Lowell. Which didn't help. So it doesn't make so much in the way of sense. But that's okay. I seldom do.

Working on a bit of Cartoon Heroes written. And most of the thing I picked up for [ profile] lgbtfest. W00t.

For the record, my major is the lulziest major. "Hello, class. Today we're going to talk about pederasty. Here, look at some vase paintings that would get you booted off of LJ if you posted them."
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I've been writing the last few days. Just haven't posted about it. Today I worked more on Epic HP Futurefic of Doom. I need to step this one up in a major way; there are seven years of stories I want to tell and I'm only on their first morning at school. And starting to push 10,000 words. Yeah. On the other hand, I'm having fun filling Hogwarts with cameos and interesting names. (Next task: can I possibly make 'Kain Highwind' not scream 'I am a Final Fantasy character hanging out here because HP crossovers are required? I begin to suspect not.) And developing characters while booting stereotype and generational cookie-cutterism firmly to the curb. So it's not like it's a *burden*. I mean, I just discovered that they're going to discover Sherlock Holmes and become *detectives*. Also, the house-elves will go on strike, the Triwizard Tournament will happen -- twice, and Albus Potter will be a terror when he discovers grassroots political organization. Which he will need what with the getting kidnapped and spied on and occasionally flat-out attacked he and his friends get up to. Not all in the same year, of course. That would be a bit excessive. Wouldn't it, Harry?

I also wrote a bit of something FFX, but I'm not sure it's postable yet. The prompt...would make a nice fanvid. So the text version is a bit fragmented. And by 'a bit', I mean it's all fragments.

However! Here's a bit of backlog-clearing of what *is* postable: And Share Alike, or In Which I Take An Establishing Shot of Dona's Backstory.
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So, first thing: having given up on actually getting the AU story to behave, I'm just posting it and hoping for the best. In Your Place. I officially authorize you to nit-pick to your editorial hearts' content about character voices that might be off.

I really like it, though, as an idea. Especially the first few scenes; I fear I may have lost some momentum towards the end, but there were scenes that just had to be there or the story wouldn't be *done*.

In other news, I went to Shakespeare & Company to fall down their stairs and buy some books in English, because not reading books actually stresses me overwhelmingly. I feel much better now.

Also working on sporking, and I want to give one of my novels another go in the editing department. Presumably the early one, where I have to be very careful with the themes involved, but there was some genuine galateagenesis in the first draft, so I am optimistic. And it's that or picking a time period for the pseudo-Austen (only with lesbians! and magic!) and doing research.
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In my defense, RL spent a fair amount of the week coming up with new and fascinating ways to kick my ass and ensure I couldn't even study properly thanks to stressing out. However! I did actually write some things this week.

Tuesday, I wrote a FFX story for my Lulu, Wakka, and Chappu claim. It isn't posted yet because I'd really like to send it through a beta to help me kick the character voices back on track. ("Hey, I know! I'll write an all-dialogue AU piece! That'll be fun and not hard at all!") Any volunteers?

Thursday, I decided to start a new [ profile] pyre_flies claim. Yes, I decided that what I really needed in life was another immense prompt list I would never finish. You see, I realized that I am really deeply interested in Dona as a character. Because yes, she's a bitch (though this tends to be more of a sellig point with me than otherwise; one day I will unpack the reasons why), and yes, she's obnoxious and demanding and dismissive...but also, she's a summoner. So there has to be something more than the obvious there. And I will ferret it out, using my mad ferreting powers!

Just a Little Game is the first attempt at doing a little ferreting. It's...well, if you recognize the title, you know when it's set. When she does something that, when you think about it, isn't quite as purely nasty as it appears, is it? Just like her.

Today so far I am 500-some words into ferreting with ferrets, part 2. This time: I invent backstory!
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I need to get things written. Lots of things. So I am going to force myself to write *something* every damn day. Just, words on page, get something written. Every day. Because I've been made of fail, and I can't afford to not write, and also it's probably not helping my current case of emocakes.

Some days I probably won't have aything to *show*, because longfics are long, but this time I wrote a whole thing. Okay, so it's a drabble, but not the point!

In a Deeper Devotion, because I remember occasionally that my [ profile] pyre_flies claims exist. And there was a reason for that. Auron, you are possibly not helping my emocakes. Stop that. (Okay, I realize it's not your fault as such. Should I write you some nice AUs?)
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Fact: Kain using "Cry" will never not be funny. Especially considering that there's an actual animation and sound effect of him sobbing girlishly. *pats him* Ow. Stupid spiky helmet.
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Why are you so boring?

Seriously, now. I'm replaying the game for the umpteenth time, not because it's an incredibly moving storyline or has particularly gorgeous art, but because I am not going to give up until I get 100% in one playthrough, gods all dammit! So, it's not like I'm particularly invested here. (In the Icon Measurement of emotional investment, I have 2.5 FFX icons, 4 FFXII icons, and 0 FFX-2 icons. This is not a fandom about which I talk much.)

But! I play through this game, and there are so many hooks to hang fanfic on! Partly because the canon itself is not for me sacrosanct, partly because of the episodic nature of the game, but whyever it happened, the fact is that FFX-2 is simply full of plotbunnies!

And yet, I am not in FFX-2 fandom writing any of these. You know why? Because I skim through the entries on [ profile] ff_press, and say to myself, "Oh, look, more Rikku/Gippal. Blah." Not that I object to this pairing per se, except I'm leery of any pairing, especially het, that has so much of the fic in the fandom. The odds of fail are high. And I fumble through the FF.Net section, and say to myself, "OOC, OOC, HSAU, OOC HSAU, OOC, OOC, OOC, WTF?" It's like a bizarre game of duck-duck-goose, one of those rounds where the person picking walks around the circle at least five times.

If I sidle into this fandom, I don't actually want to write the stuff that shows up either of these places. Except the Crimson Squad fic, but I'm more inclined to go the pure-gen or ship-according-to-taste route with that. Because that's what I like. And it's hard for me to want to get into this fandom at all, when I have a sneaking suspicion that no one would read the stuff I want to write.

This stuff, I mean--spoilers, duh )

But really, this all boils down to: there are more than seven characters in the game, guys! Really! Tidus, Yuna, Rikku, Paine, Nooj, Baralai, and Gippal are just fine, but they're not the only people around!

And really, I would settle for them being written in character and occasionally in gen: Tidus being culture-shocked, Yuna being sweet and giving up until the point where she's as unyielding as diamond, Rikku being chipper but smart, Paine being the level-headed one she is in canon and snarking at her boys, Nooj being suicidal but incredibly bad at it, Baralai being the smooth-faced manipulator and politician he is, Gippal being actually smart enough and good enough at getting things done to still be the leader of the Machine Faction. And maybe sometimes hanging out without being fraught with UST. So many possibilities! Why are none of them being written?

Because the fandom gods hate you, Cygna. That's why.
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I committed [ profile] pyre_flies fic again. Only it's my OT3 this time. Only not, because you can only tell it's slash without reading the warning if the phrase "The Band of Thebes" rings a bell. But that's okay, because I'm a classics geek, and I don't care!

If I can't write anything for homework, it's because it kept coming out in Jecht's voice, which is not appropriate in a school context.

In other news, I'm dragging out this icon a bit early, but the lilacs have bloomed around here, so it doesn't count.
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Playing Final Fantasy X can be hazardous to my emotional health.

Here's why: )

Final Fantasy X: It's like Tolkien, in a way. *cries quietly*


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