Jan. 25th, 2009 12:32 pm
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Obama's first 100 hours. That's right. Not days, hours. I am stunned and impressed by the amount of good stuff he's already done. It gives me the warm fuzzy feeling of hope that maybe he really is the real deal. (If he's not, he's faking it well enough that there's not much difference so far.)

Help! I don't know how to cope with this! The President is telling us what he's up to! I have no experience of actually being informed! He set up a website we can use to monitor spending! I am confused! I was unaware that the President was allowed to tell us these things!

ETA: whitehouse.gov has a list of policies. That gives, you know, actual opinions and what-we're-going-to-do-about it. What kind of crazy world is it when politicians tell me what their opinions are?
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Hmm, president and control of both houses of Congress? You think maybe there's a consenus about the direction the country should take here?

I want it to make a difference. I really do. Part of me is jumping around and squealing. The other part...doesn't think Obama is different enough on the things that really matter. But I'm going to tell that part to shut up at least until he's actually in office and we can find out.

Whatever happens, I'm glad. Can't possibly be worse than the presidency of someone who thinks I a)don't matter, b)don't exist, and/or c)am evil.
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Watched the VP debate yesterday, courtesy of our good friend YouTube. I ended up watching it in three-to-five-minute bursts, because I just could not take any more Palin than that.

I fail to see how anyone who has ever been on any debate team ever could want this woman in office )

In sum, Palin came across to me as a plasticy figure with only slightly more grasp of the issues than empathy. Biden, in contrast, seemed quite knowledgable and also human. (Choking up when talking about his wife will do that, especially when the opponent goes on with talking points as if nothing had happened.) Admittedly, I'm a lot closer to Biden's target audience than Palin's, but still! It's possible to speak formally without using technical terms! The casual diction is not necessary or desirable! You fail, ma'am!
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So far in St. Paul, several hundred people have been arrested around the Republican National Convention. It's difficult to tell exactly how many people have been arrested, since many who have now been released report being held without being allowed to make a phone call or otherwise let anyone know they were arrested. They also dispensed with such niceties as advising people of their rights.

Apparently there were some rioters and people taking advantage of the confusion to commit crimes. I don't really care. Because nothing, nothing justifies arresting a seventeen-year-old boy on his way home from a concert and refusing to tell his parents where he is when they call in a panic. Especially considering that all they actually charged him with was "unlawful assembly".

Nothing justifies the arrest of accredited journalists displaying their credentials prominently who have committed no crime. Nothing justifies surrounding a house and threatening to arrest anyone who leaves while attempting to get a search warrant, then searching the house anyway after only obtaining a warrant for the neighboring house. Nothing justifies handcuffing and threatening civilians who have done nothing wrong.

Don't believe it was really that bad? Try these links out. Even if you don't agree with or trust the text, watch the video. One journalist who was arrested had her camera running. Other press were there, and people with cameras and cameraphones.

I really couldn't care less about Palin. I care that heavily armed police in riot gear were--are--using tear gas on peaceful protestors and passersby. I care that the big, mainstream, traditional news sources don't seem to have noticed other journalists being arrested for doing their jobs. (Watch the video of Amy Goodman being arrested--do you see her doing anything illegal? Anything, in fact, other than her job?) I care that apparently this country has turned into a police state when I wasn't looking. And I care that no one else seems to.
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So. We went shoe and sock shopping (new sneakers, yay! new Mary Jane-type shoes, yay! new fun and silly socks, yay!), and then we went to the bookstore, and I got a copy of Watchmen. And then I sat down and I read it. And then I staggered around making vague noises as my brain tried to process everything.

I knew what was going to happen in some detail, which possibly took away from the first read but also let me slow down and take everything in.

It's weird, because I like comics so much, and because my favorite character is who he is, reading this, and seeing characters I know and love through a glass, darkly. It's strange, because while it's the comic-book deconstruction, it's also loving, in a way. The way you can pull characters apart and expose their deepest flaws to the world without loving them any less.

Watchmen is dark, yes, darker than I usually like, because I want to believe that people are, that humanity is, fundamentally decent.


This story is older than I am. When this story was written, people could say, "That could never really happen."

Reading it in 2008, I don't have that luxury. I know it already did.

Worse, I know that by comparison I would almost prefer this to what really happened. I know that I can only wish that when it did happen it had saved the world, had ended the war instead of beginning it. I know that I can only wish we got an ending that happy.

I'll say that again: I wish reality had as close to a happy ending as this comic book.


Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair.
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Via a rather long and circuitous route, I found myself today looking at this article. (WARNING: Contains mentions/descriptions of rape, abuse, and sexual humiliation of women. BE THE CHAMBER SO ADVISED.)

And I realized, hey, I haven't gotten much use out of this soapbox lately. )


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