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I emerge from the KHIII abyss, bearing many Opinions.

Spoilers below )
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Affecting Eternity
19k words or so.
Spoilers for DDD; otherwise, no warnings.
Features Riku, Lea, and Kairi. And hijinks.
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I guess that's me getting a PS4, then.

*high-pitched squealing noises audible only to dolphins*
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My KH Big Bang fic is up! (!!!)

Title: (i don't need you to) Worry for Me
Characters/Pairings: Gen; Vanitas, TAV, Eraqus & Xehanort.
Word count: 101,440.
Warnings: CHILD ABUSE, both physical and emotional, and its aftereffects. Also, mild supernaturally-induced dysphoria. And. Just. The working title was tw: Xehanort. If you feel the current tags are lacking, please, inform me so I can add to them!
Summary: In a fit of defiance and desperation, Vanitas disobeys his Master's orders and goes looking for the other half of his heart. He finds it, and something else as well, something he never expected to find anywhere...

*drapes self over the radiator and steams gently, a literary rag from which all the words have been wrung*
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Okay, having finished my first, somewhat haphazard run at KH3D, I am now fully spoiler-enabled for all your meta and fanwork purposes! I will continue to cut and label spoilery material, naturally.

P.S. I fully endorse this game and all it chooses to be in life.
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A solid half of my waking hours since yesterday have been spent playing KH3D.

in medias res spoilers in them thar hills )
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So, I am almostalmost done with my KH Big Bang fic. So...close... *crawls through wordcount desert*

This means I'm looking for betas! If anyone is, for some reason, interested in betaing a way hella long BBS AU genfic. [And you thought I'd given up. Fools! I will never give up on genfic!]
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$5 says no one is going to read my KH Big Bang fic. I mean, it's 60k+ {so far} of gen.

God, this fandom. Why can't I quit you?

Other than because I don't really want to, obviously.

BRB weeping

Jan. 8th, 2011 10:22 pm
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So, I finished my initial (Beginner Mode, for swifter completion and learning the controls) playthrough of Birth By Sleep today. Yes, it has been only two weeks. Yes, in those two weeks I played at least forty-five hours of this game. Yes, I am nerdtastic.

Spoilers liek woah )

Yay Yule!

Dec. 30th, 2010 09:50 am
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So, the Yuletide fics went live, and then two days ago relatives finally made it through the snow and we opened presents, and I *did* get the present I wanted, i.e. the Birth By Sleep PSP bundle. So if you don't hear from me again until February, those two things are the reasons why.

My sister got a tool bag from our grandparents. One FULL OF TOOLS, like seventeen different wrenches, and both mini and regular screwdrivers, and...yeah. Somewhat egregious. (Our grandparents have two grandchildren total and therefore the spoiling is concentrated.) I need to remember to start asking for things like weaponry and chainmail-making stuff, because I'd probably get it.

Anyway, the Command Board and I have a date, so I'll see you in February! (Or, you know, hopefully not, but one can never tell.)
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Dear KH fandom,

I am in ur fandom, pastichin ur epics.

They should know better than to give classicists a prompt like "historical AU". The only prossible result is participles EVERYWHERE and fun with names and then EVERYBODY DIES. HAHAHAHAHAH!! Fear my nerdery!

(It's totally historical. In a Herodotean way. "Father of lies" is such a harsh term.)

I have no idea why I appear to be punch-drunk on writing epic. Maybe all the silly got bottled up while I was being srs bard?

Also wrote & posted lately And the Puzzle that is Me, because actually I *couldn't* think of anything for that prompt around the sound of Simon & Garfunkel. Except occasional Amy Lowell. Which didn't help. So it doesn't make so much in the way of sense. But that's okay. I seldom do.

Working on a bit of Cartoon Heroes written. And most of the thing I picked up for [ profile] lgbtfest. W00t.

For the record, my major is the lulziest major. "Hello, class. Today we're going to talk about pederasty. Here, look at some vase paintings that would get you booted off of LJ if you posted them."
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Finally finished Days. Kind of felt like crying. Anyone out there willing to talk about it with me? [Yeah, spoilers in comments.]
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(Or, The Axel's Somebody Fic I Wanted To Write Doesn't Want To Sort Axel's Backstory Out And Be Written, So I Wrote This Instead)

Twenty random (headcanon) facts about Organization XIII )


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