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Okay, the last two days. I went to the Video Games Live concert in Newark, and it was AWESOME. Seriously. MADE OF WIN. Among other things, you've never heard One Winged Angel until you've heard it live in a concert hall being played by a full orchestra, choir, and guitar soloist. Most impressive theme music ever y/y?

Then I came home and had a fight with my dad in which I ended up airing a series of grievances I've been suppressing. This is why I should get more sleep. I'm tired, I'm stressed, and I blow up and say things which are true. So I'm not speaking to him at present.

BUT! I decided that my Christmas present to myself was going to be a Nintendo DS. Accordingly, I asked for a number of DS games for Christmas. Today I went and got a DS, so now I am playing...Phoenix Wright! *does little dance of happy* Seriously, I have never enjoyed being a lawyer so much in my life. Somuchfun. OMG. (Among the other loot is a collective copy of Re:CoM and Okami for PS2, which I should probably play first, as I'll only have so long to zip through them.)

I've been replaying FFX in the evenings as a way to relax before bed. I love this game so damn much. It's so awesome, I love the characters so. *sidles back towards fandom*

Speaking of fandom, I have a pile of stories to write, I know, OMG. Working on it, but family + holidays = lack of time.


Dec. 6th, 2008 08:17 pm
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Yesterday I drove with my grandparents to my great-aunt's burial. It was...more enjoyable than you might think.

Is it normal for a family to be this hug-happy? Entering a family gathering requires that you hug everyone you already know, and leaving requires you hug not only everyone you know, but everyone you've met since you arrived. But. Hugs.

My uncle gave the internment service. I cried. Let's not talk about that bit.

Then the family went for dinner to this restaurant at Republic Airport that's all tricked out like a WWII Air Force bunker. It's the shiniest. (It's called "The 56th Fighter Group", if you're intrigued.) We all ate and talked and looked at pictures and played life-event-catch-up. This is much less painfully boring now that I'm old enough to actually participate.

I and my grandparents stayed at my cousin's apartment in Brooklyn. She has a dog, who is exceptionally friendly and managed to get white hairs all over my black coat without, as far as I can recall, ever actually touching it.

Then today we attended Mass at her church (There was no singing. This doesn't count as real religion.), and then went to a big lunch with a bunch of her friends and, yes, more relatives. It was fun hearing family stories from days of yore and reminiscences about what, to me, is capital-H History.

The saddest thing about people dying is that the past becomes more unreal with every person who no longer remembers it. There are so many stories Great-Aunt Peg could've told, that I'll never hear.

Hey, guys? I love y'all.
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Just got word from my mom. My great-aunt, who was (unbeknownst to me) ill, has just lapsed into a coma. She's probably going to pass away today or tomorrow. Why does the world have to suck?

They were planning a big party for her 80th birthday on the 8th. Now it's going to be a memorial service instead. Which leaves me with a critical question: do I go down to NC then, or stay here? On the one hand, it's a looooooong trip on an ordinary weekend when I am well-endowed with homework. But thinking that way makes me feel callous and uncaring. But I barely knew my great-aunt; she was a name on Christmas presents and a face seen maybe three times that I recall. But that makes me feel worse for not being distraught. But can I really afford to put my life on hold to memorialize someone I barely even remember? I feel like I should, but a large selfish part of me is thinking of the long train journey there and back, the missed homework, the lack of time.

Fuck, I don't know.
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First post from the new computer! Dubbed Eowyn, by the way, Faramir being the previous one. Actually, there was an Eowyn already too, but she was too short-lived to really deserve the name. And the computer really did not look like a Maedhros (also, such a name might cause one of the mouse keys to break off or something).

My sister and I have been playing through Kingdom Hearts II, she at a much faster rate than I due to not having anything else to do.

Yesterday (while I was out, to add insult to injury), she beat Demyx. First time. As in, the guy who killed me five times before I finally ran away to level? Him? Yeah. She clobbered him.

Just now, she yelled up the stairs, "I beat Xaldin! It was really easy!"


My sister is better at this game than I am. I should egg her on to try Proud Mode.
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So, my sister had her birthday party today, which was actually kind of fun. They're old enough now that I can relax, turn my maturity level down a few (a very few) notches, and fit right in. As long as I enjoy bouncing, hand-clap games, wrestling over balloons, talking about teachers (fortunately, I've been taught by some of their current teachers), and threatening to murder Bebe if she keeps singing 'We are the Champions' over and over and over...

So, yeah.

An award was privately (in the privacy of my own head) issued for "Most likely to be a lesbian couple some day" to Olivia and Blair, who spent a lot of time rolling around on the floor together sort of fighting and sort of not. (Not like that, ew! They haven't hit puberty yet. Give it a few years.) So, um, I realize that I regard my sister's friends as a fandom, and they are my new OTP. Someone, please shoot me.

*shot* Thanks.

So, now that I've bothered you with my real-life silliness, I will go off and level up some more. Ciao.


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