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Healing cock: tired old PWP device, or staple of archaic gynecology?

(Hint: the answer is, "Yes.")

Of course, "Your womb is moving around! Go find a man to bonk you until you get pregnant!" is actually in many ways a step up from, "Stick garlic/oil of bitter almond/myrrh/anything else vaguely medical and/or expensive up places garlic was really never meant to be stuck". I mean, at least it's cheaper. And less likely to involve sticking a deadly poison into your vagina. Yeah, that'll cure your breathing problems, alright! It'll also cure your breathing.

Since the headcold hasn't gone away, I count myself lucky to be living now rather than then.

(Readings also give rise to other interesting questions, such as, "Was there really sufficient case history of 'pubescent virgin has visions and goes suicidally crazy' to warrant an entry on its cure?" [The cure, of course, was Healing Cock.])

Makes Galen look insanely advanced, since he was willing to propound that maybe a woman was moping because she was in love with a dancer, rather than because her UTERUS WAS WANDERING AROUND. Of course, that was after the first human dissection, which helps.

Also, women are spongy and cold, like wet wool. The more you know...
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As mentioned a few days ago, I'm going to actually take apart and examine the reasons why I decided that Dona deserves an entire prompt list worth of positive attention. But, since aiming low is not in my otherwise extensive vocabulary, I don't just want to talk about Dona. I want to talk about some female characters I like, and the reasons why.

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Because there we are, blathering away about how Hollywood appears to be under the impression that I, as a woman, a)have no money, and b)if I have money, see no movies. (Okay, both are kind of true, but they relate to me as a student and a textual person, not as a woman.) And therefore they need not provide any movies for me. Because apparently they do not want money that has been near a vagina. And, you know, any movie geared to women or with a female lead that makes insane quantities of money (like, say, Titanic, only the highest grossing movie ever) is a "non-recurring phenomenon" and should be disregarded. Which is incredibly stupid, as it reduces the amount of money they can make. They do not want my money! They only want to make films for men!

And, since we are not givers-up, we agreed that just telling a whole medium to go fuck itself while we read manga was not a workable solution, as it did not fulfill our deep-seated need for activism.

And then we decided that we should totally start a film company. Because you could totally assemble enough people with the right skill sets out of our fandom circles, and my university (which is precisely the kind of university whose students would find "Let's make movies about and for women; it'll be wild" a good idea), and their circles. And it can't be that hard, or Hollywood wouldn't be able to do it.

Here is the basic problem with me: I have this no-you're-doing-it-wrong-let-me attitude, but am crap at actually completing things.

I still think it's a good idea, though. And no less reliable than my other obvious career options.
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Some day, since nobody else seems to be going to do so, I am going to write a book. A nonfiction book. And this book will be about fandom. It will be about the history of (Western) fandom, how it goes back much farther than we in the modern day think--since, after all, who owns Hercules? Where would Virgil be without Homer? Does Ovid have a copyright on Ariadne? Our culture makes distinctions between what is okay and fanfic, but these distinctions are false. They're covering up the actual distinction, which is that intellectual property laws changed the rules...and, of course, fanfic must be weird, because it's written by women and queers--and queer women! End of world alert! And I wish to investigate when exactly fandom switched from being respectable (done by men) to not (done by women). And then I wish to explain in short little words how we are not weird, we are not deviant, we are not new, we are tapping into a vein of creativity that's as old as Western civilization--upon which Western civilization was founded!--so there's nothing wrong with us.

Because someone in fandom, someone who is one of us, someone who understands, needs to write the seminal text on fanfic before some (straight, white, male) outsider does one that looks at us like crazy people or bugs on a slide, above all like others. Because we're really not, and I may not know a lot about psychology, but I've got a smattering of gender theory (okay, more than a smattering, but by people-talking-about-gender-theory standards, it's assembled from bits and bobs all over) and I know a lot about storytelling.
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YOUR ANALYSIS IS BAD AND YOU SHOULD FEEL BAD. And by this, I mostly mean that this (Marivaux's Arlequin Poli Par L'amour) is not a piece of which I find the analysis rewarding. I like to analyze two types of things: things which I really like, in which case I enjoy exploring in more detail the world that pleases me; and things which I loathe, in which case I enjoy pulling it to pieces as punishment for its fail. This is neither. It's a mildly-amusing comedy-ette, probably much more so on stage than in text, which takes its subject matter from fairy tales, myths, and commedia dell'arte. The problem? I can just as easily play Trope Bingo with this piece, as I am already quite familiar with every last thing he appropriated. It's not like he put a new spin on it either. Supernatural being sees young man asleep, falls in love--check. Abduction of young man by fae--check. Shepherdess-check. Magic wand that must be stolen--check. *Yawn* Been here, done this, enjoyed it more then.

And also, analysis was tiresome, because it was all drearily Freudian, about the fairy queen as mother/lover and such, which annoys me and makes me cranky. Partly because it reduces the stories quite thoroughly to revolving around the male lead. Incredibly self-centered, really. And also because it's...just cranky-making. Perhaps my family is too functional to appreciate it, or maybe just too female-ridden to worship the power of the Magic Phallus. Because seriously, that's how I felt it was being presented. The fae's magic wand is representative of masculine power which the male lead steals from her in order to become a man, and obviously as soon as he has his Magic Phallus all will be well. Rrrgh.

Finally, I'm sick and tired of such shoddy characterization. It's all very well to say that the male lead is being shown going from mental/emotional/sexual infancy to puberty to adulthood, but where's the part where he becomes a person? Great, he's a fully sexual being now, but when did he acquire a personality?

RRRRRRRRGH. *gnaws scenery* (I'm turning into one of those feminists who bitch about phallocentrism all the time, aren't I? In my own defense, I wouldn't bitch so much if they didn't fail so much. I mean, a lot of *fanfic* is better, and not even very *good* fanfic. I realize this stuff was written in the olden days, but characterization was not a recent invention.)
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You Are 12% Girly

Um... you're a guy, right? If not, you're the most boyish girl in the world.

And for you, that's probably the ultimate compliment.

No. Not really. I'm a girl who doesn't like shopping and who more or less successfully resists the beauty cult foisted upon women in today's society. Why the fuck would dying my hair make me more girly? Or having a ridiculous number of beauty products that have no actual purpose? Or getting a fake tan? What the fuck are you on? How stupid do you have to be to buy into the idea that feminine necessarily equals fake?

So yeah, after looking at the questions I do consider a low score a compliment, because the only things it measures are things I would rather eat my own eyes than become.

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Via a rather long and circuitous route, I found myself today looking at this article. (WARNING: Contains mentions/descriptions of rape, abuse, and sexual humiliation of women. BE THE CHAMBER SO ADVISED.)

And I realized, hey, I haven't gotten much use out of this soapbox lately. )


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