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I'm replaying this for the nth time, this time on PS4, because sometimes you just want to do sidequests and be girls. Anyway!

In Chapter 2, just had an encounter with Nooj outside the Den of Woe, and it got me thinking: what does Nooj think is going on? It doesn't sound like Shuyin's driving all the time - among other things, a charismatic leader and organizer he is not - so does that mean Nooj isn't aware that he's possessed? He asks the Gullwings to help him get into the Den of Woe; is that something Shuyin wants, or does Nooj want to dispel its evil somehow, or find answers to what happened to them?

What does Nooj think happened at Mi'ihen? Presumably he, if he's mostly the one driving and I suspect he is, doesn't remember shooting his friends. Does he just...not think about it, like his brain avoiding the place where the hole is? Brains do that; people with various forms of brain damage can be very functional despite not being able to notice that there's something missing because the noticing bit is part of what's damaged.

Is Nooj confused, when he walks up to Paine and she gives him the cold shoulder?

I kind of want to write a fic now from Nooj's perspective on the events of/surrounding the game, especially while he's possessed and - I think - unable to notice it. ...He must be lonely.

And of course I can't help but think about Paine's perspective on that scene too, how Rikku and even Yuna are asking her about Nooj like he's an ex-boyfriend when she's thinking about how he tried to kill her. No wonder she shuts it down so hard!

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Date: 2019-02-13 05:49 pm (UTC)
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I get the impression Nooj has a vague feeling there's some sort of darkness in him, but as he was suicidal ( a Deathseeker) even before that, he doesn't know he was possessed until Shuyin jumps to Baralai.

He may have a big blank on what exactly happened in/after the Den of Woe, and he wants to know what happened, so he's trying to get back in there.

I doubt he remembers shooting his friends; he may have conflated that memory with the warrior monke opening fire again.

But of course that's all speculation. And this is where i wish I could tag somebody. Hopefully owlmoose is following you, as Nooj and Paine are her specialty.

(And yay on the replay!)

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Date: 2019-02-14 02:07 am (UTC)
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Why yes, yes I am, and it is probably not a surprise that I have thought about all of this, an awful lot. :) Since Paine/Nooj is one of my OTPs to end all OTPs, my opinions come through that lens, but I like to think that it all still works without the romantic feelings thrown into the mix.

Although I'm much more often in Paine's point of view, I've written a fair amount of in-game fic from Nooj's pov as well. And I came to pretty much the same conclusion as above: that he's not aware that he's possessed. Most of the time, I tend to see Shuyin as a quiet voice in the back of his mind, nudging him in the direction that Shuyin wants to go. And then Nooj can come up with self-justifications for those decisions, like wanting to open the Den of Woe. The strong opposition to Yevon fits right in with his own history, even if his own anger might not burn as hot on its own.In other cases, like the shooting on the Highroad, he's either blacked out the memory or just... avoids thinking about it. Easy enough for him to explain away blank spots in his memory, and Shuyin's feelings of grief and despair as depression, and I also believe PTSD.

As for Paine specifically, either the shooting is a blank spot or he doesn't let himself consciously think about it. But I've always felt that, on some level, he knows he did something to drive her and his other friends away, even if he doesn't remember exactly what. So he's kept his distance and isn't surprised when they're angry and distant.

Even though I've made all these decisions for myself, I've always wondered what the intention of the writers was in terms of what was Nooj and what was Shuyin and what might have been both. Curiosity about some of these questions was among the reasons why I started writing FFX-2 fic in the first place. And if you are driven to take a stab at them, I'd be delighted to see it. More sympathetic Nooj fic is a good thing to have in the world.


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