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I got a job!

Like, a real job, with full-time hours and benefits and everything! To start tentatively a week from Monday.


Now I have to think about looking into moving closer and really cracking down on the driving etc etc but


Moral of story: keep sending applications, even though they're evil and hateful things.
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I went to the Ren Faire this weekend and got a cute crescent-shaped knife. Gosh I love implements of destruction!!

Life still kind of in abeyance. Everything weird. Looking for resources on Middle Eastern cultures from about the Roman to Medieval periods give or take for writing purposes. (Clothes! Food! Legal systems! Education! Architecture! Basically everything that isn't history or religion!)

KH Big Bang fic is at 34k and climbing. Most of those words are shitty and unnecessary as fuck. Second draft is so very going to be a thing. Probably third.

Someone remind me that Vanitas and Terra do not need to kiss no matter how weird my shipping tastes are.
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When I was one, I was just begun
When I was two, I was nearly new
When I was three, I was hardly me
When I was four, I was not much more
When I was five, I was just alive
But now I'm twenty-three, and I'm clever as clever
I think I'll be twenty-three forever and ever.
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I've been around, mostly. Reading the ol' flist. I've just been...I dunno. Burnt out? Lazy? Around other people all the time, thus getting all my talking done IRL?

I'm back up on campus for the summer, working at the Art library. It's good to work somewhere no one looks at you funny when you smell the books.

It is deathly hot. I love the Science Library. It is full of air conditioning and love.

I'm sucking at writing. Sucking. I need to fix that. I do.

I've also been spending the weekends playing egregious quantities of videogame. By which I mean, last week I went, "Strangely I have a craving for Triple Triad", and came back to myself, stunned and horrified, when the PS prompted me for Disc 2. An isolated occurrence, you say? But then it happened again this weekend with the next disc! I am a binge gamer. It's a problem.

Well, mostly because weekends contain no verbs to perform.

Other than write.


I am such a failure.
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Island Times )

So that was my week, more or less. How're the rest of you? Not dead in my absence?
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Well, that was fun. Not world-changing, best-night-of-my-life fun, but fun.

Now, I'm tired, and my feet hurt. Woes.

I still love my dress to pieces. Screw-back earrings are fun. I might want to start wearing them more.

I have very little, actually, to say, except: OMG too much rap.
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-Bubble wrap yay! *is easily amused*
-Cute little book of Yiddish sayings, in Yiddish and English (aka, unofficially, 'Teach Yourself Yiddish!')
-Book of Japanese stories
-Japanese postwar history

Conclusion: My grandparents know what I like

-Bruce Springsteen CD (Born in the USA; I like Born to Run better, methinks)

Conclusion: There's something wrong with me, because my god I wanted this.

-Kingdom Hearts II (must beat I first, blast it all!)
-Final Fantasy X-2
-Katamari Damacy

Conclusion: My parents know me, possibly too well.

There are some things money can't buy. For everything else, there are birthdays.

Also went out for ice cream after school, and then came home and had pie after dinner. Nutrition? What's that?

In total: A good day.
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*blinks around at world* Doesn't look any different from here.

Except it now has more porn in it.

*does birthday dance*
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"We're going out for ice cream. [Cygna], can we borrow a twenty?"
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Well, that test was...the death of me, just you wait and see. Me = fail.

At least the DBQ was fun, and about something (WWI and perceptions) I know at least a bit about. Honestly? I wanted to love it and squeeze it and call it Siegfried.

Oh, and [ profile] stormflare? There are two dead thrushes, very pretty and not-messed-up, now sitting in my freezer with your/your mother's name on them. You want?

Do you ever get the feeling your life is utterly insane?
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I just checked my SAT scores.

I wasn't expecting this at ALL )

Well, I guess that answers the question of whether or not I'm taking it again.
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I finished FFX.



People say video games are desensitizing. I invite them to play this one and find out how desensitized they feel.

Seriously, it's like Sandman meets Tolkien with a heaping spoonful of Young Wizards thrown in. (There are, by the way, few greater compliments anything with a story can be given.)


So, anyone done with the sequel?
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Dear Body,

Do not think this concerted attempt at rebellion will be ignored. I mean, I know the three rabble-rousers among you have traditionally been malcontents, but this coordination thing? Not so much with the good.

On the other hand, I didn't go to school today. There's always a bright side.

Future rebellion will be put down with fire, the sword, and no chocolate ever hahaha.



...Anything re: school I should do/bring/remember tomorrow, you less fuzzyminded individuals?
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Performance by La Petite Soeur, about a minute ago:

LPS: [singing, to the tune of the Barney song]
I am you,
You are me,
We're sometimes a happy family,
With--[LPS sees yours truly approaching with arms indicating either squishing or tickling without mercy]--no great big hugs! None at all! [hides behind Mom]

Such are the amusements of a younger sister.
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Dear Mr. Jehovah, AKA God, YHWH, you utter bastard,

Did you not get the memo that said, "Spring"? The one that said, "Snow is over now?"



Those who were there, what did Mr. S. say at the AP Lit meeting? Anything of interest?


School is crazy. Maybe I will share details in later post, if only because they are ZOMG so crazy.


Dear Left Knee,

I hate you. No, really. I thought we'd moved out of this kneecap-dislocating phase of our relationship. What is with this mini-relapse? Also, ow. You very annoying body part, you!
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I have two projects due Wednesday, neither of which have I more than thought about yet; I can't think of anything to write for any of the things I need to write; I have a Latin competition tomorrow which I am utterly going to fail; the Maternal Unit is ill; Faramir can no longer connect to the Internet; and I still cannot catch all the bloody Macalania butterflies!

This is not a good day.

Pi day.

Mar. 14th, 2006 04:44 pm
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Pie for lunch, pie after dinner, pie presumably for breakfast tomorrow. Yay.

No, I did not drop off the earth, or even the Internet. I've been here, just not writing much. There's nothing to say.

Some days I just want to scream. Some days I want to grab someone by the throat and claw their eyes out or hit them until they beg me to stop. Some days I just...don't get it. How can I go from humour to anger so fast?

I can't scream--oh, wait. I can. There's no one here.

That feels better.
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I'm off to a Model UN conference tomorrow. You may hear from me, if the hotel has Internet. Then again, you may not. Like so much else in the world, it depends.

It is hard to write a position paper on combating international terrorism and actually come up with anything new. I mean, if there were solutions just sitting there, wouldn't someone have thought of them by now? Of course someone would. You see the problem.

Still, I'm almost done. There's even some actual content.

English essay? What English essay?
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So, God, now that I have a snow day to work on the CotH project, the VCR and PS2 are working again, and I feel much better, we might be almost even. I still want to kick you in the stomach.

I wrote a fic for [ profile] tsukimineshrine. It's funny, slightly romantic, and contains the phrase "I think Yue's defending my honor." It's an okay fic.

There is chocolate doughnut in my future, and the sun on the snow-covered trees in the backyard is a work of art. Today might be pretty good.
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Just when I thought we had something, God, just when I thought our relationship could really work, you have to do this to me.

If I ever meet you, remind me to kick you in the stomach a couple dozen times so you have even a fraction of an idea what I felt like.

I'm in an abusive relationship with my body.


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