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My brain finally decided to throw up a breakthrough on the question of Auron in KHII -- or rather, the numerous intertwined questions, beasts that they are. To whit: is that FFX Auron? What is he doing in the Olympus Underworld? Why is he in the deepest dungeon therein? Why did Hades, going fishing for the "mother of all bad guys", come up with him? What was he going to say when he said he wasn't a hero, "just an-"? What the literal hell, in general, is up with him?

The answer to the first question is, methinks, a straightforward "no". Partly because no one else is -- and in many cases, cannot be -- their FF self; partly because Braska and Jecht are presumably in wholly different worlds and timeframes being the fathers of their respective offspring; partly because that is boring. BORING, I tell you! There is no greater fanfic sin. Well, maybe a couple.

The reason answering "yes" is so popular is that then you don't have to do any of the work of answering the other questions. Feh, say I. They're not, actually, that hard to answer -- if you approach them from the opposite direction.

What gets people dumped in the nasty corners of Tartarus? You should all know this one; say it with me now: hubris!

The gods are mean and miserly with power, and they take criticism poorly, to say the least. And if, say, you tried to change the appointed way of being, if you dared challenge their primacy individually or as a group, if you were the kind of person who would choose to fight them for any reason...well. They'd lock you up and throw away the key, wouldn't they? In, say, the deepest dungeon of the underworld. Just, you know, for example.

...Dammit. Now I'm going to have to write an entire fic on How It Came To Pass That Auron Tried To Make War On Olympus, aren't I? Buggery. MORE IDEAS, just what I needed!
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Among the silly things I think about late at night is how much it annoys me that KH fandom, when it decides to pull a Little Mermaid!fic, almost always has Sora as the merboy, despite the fact that you have to actively be paying negative attention to not see the parallels between Ariel and *Riku*.

And one thing led to another, and...

Out Of This World )
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So, Disney's buying Marvel.

This does not worry me much, as no matter how evil Disney is, they'd have to try really damn hard to screw up worse than Marvel already is. If we're very lucky, the comics' downward spiral to GRIMDARK and the Disney fluffotron will cancel each other out. Hopefully.

But you know what's really important about this? KINGDOM HEARTS III: DEFEAT DOCTOR DOOM.

That's right, this makes Marvel officially fair game for the gallivant-about-Disney-properties-fest that is KH. Think about it. At the very least, my crossover ideas are now significantly less crossovery.
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The long ones, in particular, which I have the most trouble finishing. These are the stories I am happy to babble about.

Assorted fandoms, assorted genres )

If I could actually get any of these done, that would be nice...*sigh* I fail so hard at longfic.
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(Or, The Axel's Somebody Fic I Wanted To Write Doesn't Want To Sort Axel's Backstory Out And Be Written, So I Wrote This Instead)

Twenty random (headcanon) facts about Organization XIII )
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Actually wrote something, whee!

For [ profile] kh_drabble, prompt "Walls". There were basically two places I could have gone with this, and I took the other one. Which is good, since someone else picked up on the Pink Floyd, and I would've looked silly. So.

Daughters in Boxes/A Box Without Walls

The chief thing the prompt stirred up in me was by-now-slightly-vague memories of Kishida Toshiko's famous (and yet unavailable online in English, as far as I can tell) feminist speech "Hakoiri Musume", or "Daughters in Boxes". Specifically, I thought about her entirely justified complaint (at least at the time) that women were not taught even the things necessary to run a household, that they were imprisoned in boxes where they could not see out, and even in a very comfortable box, without windows it was a prison. And I thought about her exhortation for women's education, so that they could live in a box without walls, though she did not yet suggest that women should or could compete with men directly. And then I though about the Princesses of Heart.

So, there's Cinderella, and Aurora, and Snow White, who go in a minute from servitude or (apparent) poverty to royalty. Aurora lived in a cottage in the woods all her life! What do they know, what will they do, as royalty? But they got their happy endings, because they are beautiful and therefore married well. What they're to do after that does not enter into the question. They seem to have bought into it.

And there's Jasmine, who doesn't know exactly what has been kept from her but knows at least that something has, and hates it. She tries acting out against her upbringing, but because she was never taught, for example, self-defense, she can't do a very good job of it. And that's sad, because she's stuck and knows it. (At least her marriage is likely to be an improvement.)

But there are also Belle, and Alice, and Kairi, who are none of the above. The thing everyone knows about Belle is that she reads. No one has kept her from learning things, at least in theory. And it shows. She knows what she does and does not want, she makes choices. Her appearance in KHII is incredibly true to character: unlike the above princesses, she's capable of saving herself. And then there's Alice, who's...a seven-year-old girl from Victorian England, who goes on this ridiculous dreamworld adventure. And does quite well, for her age. She's been educated (even if only some of it stuck), she does things, she has firm ideas about what should be and should not be. And she's no kind of princess at all. And then there's Kairi, who has one game of princessly distress, one game of us learning a great deal about the difference between a princess and a witch (none), and one game of flatly refusing to be anything but active.

But it's not that they're in some way different. It's not that the first four are weak for putting up with it. It's that even if you're strong, you need something to be strong with, some suggesting that strength is possible. It's that they've been put in boxes, while the last three have those boxes without walls that Kishida talked about.

It's a bit soapboxy of me, I admit, but KH fandom is so very focused on the male characters. People often dismiss the girls as weak or uninteresting, and that's just not fair. Until we take a good long look at what makes them that way, we're just perpetuating a problem of women in fiction. "Why are the female characters so boring?" is the cry. Well, they damn well didn't make themselves that way. But my soapbox is much more interesting as fic.
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Set in a universe I'm calling the Soulbond 'verse, because it's a result of me wanting to play with a soulbond that isn't perfect and magical and a source of true love and no problems ever. Which means I soulbonded Zexion and Demyx, because they have absolutely nothing in common and will develop a whole assortment of issues, including not wanting to spend the rest of their lives with someone they've never even met before.

I already have a prologue to this, but it's not vitally important. Demyx = nobility, Zexion = magical student & ward of the King.

Soulbond I.i )
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That feeling where there's an idea swimming lazily about the deep-sea vents of your head that's so beautiful seen in fragments from afar it almost hurts, and as much as you want to show it to others you're afraid that they won't see it as the beautiful, fragile thing it is, or worse that in bringing it to them or them to it the idea in its freedom and music will be damaged beyond repairing?

This is the prologue for The Electric Things Have Their Life Too, a KH AU that looks like being fairly epic and is to be honest mostly the product of running across a bunch of very, very good cyborg/android/robot AUs in SGA fandom. Right now the idea is bubbling in me, sweet and tragic and so very perfect, and I'm terribly afraid that I'm not equal to the task of bringing it up to the surface. But I can't not write it; that would hurt more than a failure, would hurt like being pregnant and, because I was scared of birth and being a mother, carrying the baby inside me for the rest of my life. I can't not try, even if I fail. (Part of my motivation, too, is that there are precious few in the fandom I'd trust even as much as I trust myself to bring this incredible, fragile thing into the world.) Besides, if I don't write it, I know nobody ever will, and having this story never come to be would be worse than maiming it through my own clumsiness.

With luck, this will be the first seriously multichapter thing I finish. Wish me luck; this is going to be a beautiful dive.
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I...hit page 40 on this thing today. WHY?!!

Answer: because it's a fun story, and now that I've established the characters I'm focusing on they need to have certain scenes. Also, I'm a talky person. Yeah, I know, you'd never have guessed, right?

Also, Even and Braig are probably getting more pagetime than they strictly speaking deserve, considering that last time I checked, this was a genfic. But a)I ♥ Even; b)I went and kicked the snot out of Braig last scene, so there kind of needs to be a scene of him recovering; c)it's not like the rest of the plot can move on until he wakes up; d)Ienzo and Xehanort didn't have nearly as much to say, because Xehanort has turned into an emopants in this AU and wasn't in on most of the plot anyway; e)I already had a Kairi-and-Kairi scene; f)the Dilan/Aerith scene is for later; g)Braig and Even are just hella fun to write with the bitching and all; h)no one else has anything to say at this juncture.

On the other hand, I'm very happy with the scenes they've been in, including this bit of dialogue:

“Excellent,” said Even. “We still have to get rid of our unexpected guests, remember? And don’t you dare tell anyone I told you, but Dilan and Ienzo are stuck. They need you back to work, you slacker.”

“Yeah, yeah, work, work, work, that’s all you ever say.” As he swung his legs over the side of the bed and stood, his head swam and he almost fell right back onto the bed.

Fortunately, since Braig saw the specter of time spent being hideously bored in a hospital bed looming over him, Even caught him around the waist and steadied him. “Come on. Aerith’s shift starts in five minutes, and she won’t be fooled.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Braig said. “I’m just fine.”

“Of course. And you’re leaning on me because you missed me, not because you’re about to fall over. But lean faster, all right? People around here just don’t have their priorities straight.”
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[ profile] cup_ramen_chaos did this one, and I couldn't resist taking some time out of my busy schedule to mock the doofbrainier segments of KH fandom. And yes, doofbrainier is a word. You just haven't heard of it yet.

Like so much of KH fandom, it's unintentionally funny. )
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First post from the new computer! Dubbed Eowyn, by the way, Faramir being the previous one. Actually, there was an Eowyn already too, but she was too short-lived to really deserve the name. And the computer really did not look like a Maedhros (also, such a name might cause one of the mouse keys to break off or something).

My sister and I have been playing through Kingdom Hearts II, she at a much faster rate than I due to not having anything else to do.

Yesterday (while I was out, to add insult to injury), she beat Demyx. First time. As in, the guy who killed me five times before I finally ran away to level? Him? Yeah. She clobbered him.

Just now, she yelled up the stairs, "I beat Xaldin! It was really easy!"


My sister is better at this game than I am. I should egg her on to try Proud Mode.


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