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Fact: medieval Flanders had the best names.

Evidence: ARCHENRATH. I kid you not. Archenrath. Doesn't it just scream 'Dark Lord'?

Conclusion: They kept all the best names for themselves, those medieval Flemish bastards.
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So, I went to the silent movie last night with a couple of friends (I dressed up as a princess and probably looked very silly, but whatevs). Last year, the movie was kind of meh, but this year? This year it was the Lon Chaney Phantom of the Opera. With live organ music. It was beyond brilliant.

I was interested in how unromantic this Phantom is. It's very capital-R Romantic, with swooning and exaggerated expressions and whatnot, but the Phantom himself is clearly no kind of tragic hero. The one half-decent bit of acting as we would recognize it (genre convention having changed) was that Christine looks really, seriously, revulsed and freaked out even before she takes off the mask. Like, "Oooh, I have a secret admirer...oooh, mysterious rendez-vous...oh, mysterious admirer not as sexy as I'd pictured...rather creepy actually...wait what the fuck is that a wedding dress?!"

And then when the movie was over the friends I saw it with and I stood around talking outside for a while, until we realized it was like one in the morning and we were standing outside the chapel talking about languages. So we went to one of their rooms and talked more. As in, we successfully talked down the partygoers--I got back to my own room at 5, and my hall was no longer being made of loudness and fail.

So I think this counts as a success for operation: make more friends, geez louise woman. And it's Saturday, so I could sleep in.

When I went out for lunch, the bells were playing "Angel of Music". It made the day look brighter already.
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Second-century d20 sold by Christie's. I am not making this up, or exaggerating, or being in any way dishonest. It really is a twenty-sided die dating from the 2nd century AD with a series of symbols on the faces. Really.

Does anyone recognize any of the symbols visible from the picture? The circle-with-dot is the symbol for the Sun in astronomy and such, and the others look like they might be constellations. Does anyone know for sure?

Geekiness: older than you think.
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So, I was writing a fairy tale today... )

Does anyone else feel this way about fairy tales, or am I the only one? How do you feel about fairy tales?
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I posted Part I of my CCS/Sandman crossover miniseries to [ profile] tsukimineshrine yesterday, but no one seems to be reading it. I promise, nice Clow! It's not that confusing if you don't know Sandman! (Though this chapter is more of a prelude to the two central chapters.)


I think, if you added me and all my friends together, you would get Rodney McKay. This is not entirely a good thing.

It's the math. And the science. And the food. And the obnoxiousness. And the geek.


Apropos of which, I really hate the math teacher, though to be fair, she hates me too, and not without reason. That obnoxiousness I mentioned? Comes from me.

She just...ergh! I don't care whether she likes synthetic division or not, she should have gone over it with us when the curriculum said, and now it's on the midterm, but she still won't stop mentioning how much she hates it! What part of 'I do not care' is so hard to understand? You're testing us; at least try not to make us hate a math concept!

Also, she goes over every single step if you have a problem. Since my problems usually occur halfway through or later, and I skip (even in my mind) most of the boring steps in between, it is a total pain. There is, in fact, a point between 'understands everything' and 'understands nothing', and I am usually there.

I know what you're going to say, okay, guys? Just...don't.


I need to convert the RL friends to the wonder that is SGA. I'm sure they would like it. Aliens, vampires, sufficiently advanced technology, plosions,, one might ask, could they not?

(As a sweetener, there's a female character who hits people with sticks.)
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In honour of this most wonderful icon (by [ profile] siriaeve), I will now indulge by whim by describing all the different characters of whom Severus Snape reminds me, and how, in a disjointed fashion probably comprehensible only to me.

Dragons and Witches and Teachers, oh my! )

Any further suggestions?
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The Plot, and General Observations )

Character Development and Romance )

The Death )

The Half-Blood Prince )

The Noble and Most Ancient House of Black )

I have nothing much else to say, except that this is really good work. In my view, the best yet. Harry isn't so excellent, but he quits the ANGST WOE ALL CAPS, and the plot is elegant. Much love.

Reading time: Three hours and a quarter. This one is shorter than the last, but I think my read time has improved as well.
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(New icon, btw.)

I have two principle topics here, Dumbledore and Founders.

First, Dumbledore )

Now, the Founders )

In case it's not obvious, I'm writing stuff down to write Founders-fic. Fun.

Anyone have any further ideas, explanations, or places where I make no sense at all?


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