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Jan. 8th, 2011 10:22 pm
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So, I finished my initial (Beginner Mode, for swifter completion and learning the controls) playthrough of Birth By Sleep today. Yes, it has been only two weeks. Yes, in those two weeks I played at least forty-five hours of this game. Yes, I am nerdtastic.

Spoilers liek woah )

Yay Yule!

Dec. 30th, 2010 09:50 am
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So, the Yuletide fics went live, and then two days ago relatives finally made it through the snow and we opened presents, and I *did* get the present I wanted, i.e. the Birth By Sleep PSP bundle. So if you don't hear from me again until February, those two things are the reasons why.

My sister got a tool bag from our grandparents. One FULL OF TOOLS, like seventeen different wrenches, and both mini and regular screwdrivers, and...yeah. Somewhat egregious. (Our grandparents have two grandchildren total and therefore the spoiling is concentrated.) I need to remember to start asking for things like weaponry and chainmail-making stuff, because I'd probably get it.

Anyway, the Command Board and I have a date, so I'll see you in February! (Or, you know, hopefully not, but one can never tell.)
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So, for a day that started off with me not getting enough sleep (my own fault and no one else's), today turned out to be pretty damn awesome.

First really quite nice thing: Thursday my Latin teacher says she's going to have us listen to Ursula K. LeGuin being interviewed about her recent book Lavinia, which is just piles of awesome because LeGuin is totally who I want to be when I grow up. She wanted to write Aeneid fanfic, so she taught herself Latin and read the whole thing because a translation just isn't as good, and then she wrote a book giving agency and words and characterization and that to the female object-of-desire who never speaks in the original. Want to be her. So. Much.

Second thing: there was someone in the campus center selling various things, including comics, and I got a smallish pile of single issues, including four Perez Wonder Woman (!!!), for $1.00 each (except for the Death of Superman issue, which, yeah, that actually *has* collectible value and everyone knows it). But! Perez! Wonder Woman! The original Cheetah issue! ONE DOLLAR! I couldn't get an issue of Wonder Woman new for a dollar, let alone an issue from the oldest and IMO best modern age run. Wonder Woman squeeee!

Third! My French professor asked me to be his research minion for a manuscript translation he's doing! This would be eeeeeeeee enough, but what it is, is a journal from 1127 and thenabouts when there were succession-scuffles over the county of Flanders (which at that time was bigger, richer, and stronger than any of its alleged liege lords [England, France, and HRE], able to field one thousand knights Jesus Christ that's a lot. What I'll be doing is going through to pick out the characters of note, and then looking them up in a nice book on the history of the Flemish nobility and writing up who's related to whom and how. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

Okay, so that wouldn't be so awesome for most people, but I love that stuff with a totally inappropriate passion. Family trees and relationships and manuscripts and a book with stuff like heraldry? DO SO VERY WANT. And I can get paid for this!

*drifts off into a happy daze* I think this is proof positive that, despite the heavy--and unevenly distributed--workload, these are the right classes for me. Fuck huge amounts of homework, this is awesome!


ETA: Also, Geoffrey of Monmouth is a pseudo-Virgilian whore. Just for your edification.
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Last day home, sadly. But! We went to the local comics store, and I banditized. I got the third Blue Beetle trade, a handful of Booster Gold issues, and the first volume of that adorably violent Harley Quinn series.

As you can imagine, I was somewhat at a loss for which icon to use. I finally decided on Jaime, because Jaime is AWESOME. The boy's real superpower? AWESOME. It leaks out all over his supporting cast, making them awesome and snarky and capable and emotionally realistic too. (Dear Jaime, if for some reason you and Traci 13 don't work out, I will marry you. For realz.)

Which is not to say that Booster&Ted isn't also shiny and made of slashy, but with that I'm distracted by the questions like, "Will we ever find Max's characterization?", "They're not going to let us keep this even if we deserve it, are they?", and "Someone please tell me Rip Hunter is evil, because otherwise I might have to listen to this jerkface." Except that last one isn't a question. Imagine me saying it in a questioning voice.

Harley Quinn is...well, the art makes every female character look more curvy and flagrantly sexual than they really should, but they're being eyecandy while kicking ass and taking names, so I don't mind. ...Great. Is there a message here? Like, "We'll fully develop the female villains into characters with interaction, but the female heroes are on their own"?

Things I Like in Comic Books:
1. Snark
2. Subtext
3. Self-aware characters
4. Solid supporting cast
5. Strong female characters
6. Something else starting with 'S'
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Major reaction: SQUEEEE!!!!ASKFLGHL:JHFKGF ♥ ♥ ♥

Um, yeah. This game just hit all of my 'Cygna likey!' buttons in one go: snark, old-fashioned speech, heroes being stupid and unheroic and getting called on it, good plotting, strong familial relationships, political intrigue, complex relationships, and a morality in which Our Heroes are actually better than The Bad Guys. And snark. Did I mention that?

So, um, off to read all the fanfic I haven't read 'cause I've been being good. Bye.


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