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Things I have to do before DMing a LARP on the 11th:

  • Make NPC packet not suck, send it out
  • Make the puzzles
  • Write the *riddles* for the puzzles
  • Do the art for art's sake
  • Write the lore
  • Buy / prepare the snacks
  • Try not to scream and die (THIS IS THE HARD ONE)


    On the plus side, Thanksgiving was pleasant, and I saw HP7.1, which was spectacular by comparison to the book. Some screenwriter did the job that JKR's editor should have done years ago and snipped and prodded and rearranged and redistributed until the quite decent ideas came clean of the strangling words.

    Which is to say, I liked it and wasn't expecting to. I appreciate that the editing job gave Ron a more equitable distribution of Things to Do, tucked the plot threads in tidily, and gave characters things to do before killing them off. Very neat. (And I don't blame them in the least for making it two movies; what they had in this one could scarcely have been cut down any farther and retained meaning.)

    In other news, I hate my French prof with burning HATE. And there is a special Hell reserved entirely for the writers of plotless, revelatory short stories. Special. Hell. I don't see how they can *do* that, anyway. Don't the characters get bored and start clamoring for something to do? I mean, 1000 words of introspection, sure, but beyond that I know *my* characters persist in going and engaging in Actions whether I've provided them with convenient ones or not. I suspect this merely indicates that said writers don't actually know how to create living characters. Bah.
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    I've been writing the last few days. Just haven't posted about it. Today I worked more on Epic HP Futurefic of Doom. I need to step this one up in a major way; there are seven years of stories I want to tell and I'm only on their first morning at school. And starting to push 10,000 words. Yeah. On the other hand, I'm having fun filling Hogwarts with cameos and interesting names. (Next task: can I possibly make 'Kain Highwind' not scream 'I am a Final Fantasy character hanging out here because HP crossovers are required? I begin to suspect not.) And developing characters while booting stereotype and generational cookie-cutterism firmly to the curb. So it's not like it's a *burden*. I mean, I just discovered that they're going to discover Sherlock Holmes and become *detectives*. Also, the house-elves will go on strike, the Triwizard Tournament will happen -- twice, and Albus Potter will be a terror when he discovers grassroots political organization. Which he will need what with the getting kidnapped and spied on and occasionally flat-out attacked he and his friends get up to. Not all in the same year, of course. That would be a bit excessive. Wouldn't it, Harry?

    I also wrote a bit of something FFX, but I'm not sure it's postable yet. The prompt...would make a nice fanvid. So the text version is a bit fragmented. And by 'a bit', I mean it's all fragments.

    However! Here's a bit of backlog-clearing of what *is* postable: And Share Alike, or In Which I Take An Establishing Shot of Dona's Backstory.
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    I cycled back around to HP again -- which is to say, I finally got through the first Slytherin common room scene in Disturbingly Epic Nextgen Doomfic, which was wearing on me, so now I think I know a little more about Albus and a fair bit more about some of the other Slytherin boys, including one seventh-year who has sprung fully-formed into existence (his name is Yonec MacDougal). And that's always nice. Rose is up next, where I expect to learn less about her, because I already feel I know rather a lot, and more about other relatives and sundry Gryffindors. And then, as so often happens, I got distracted by my reams of Founders!headcanon, because it is medieval and I like medieval. So I thought I should write some down.

    Twenty Random Facts About the Founders of Hogwarts )
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    Things I do when I should be doing my homework: vars., incl. contemplating the Harry Potter mammoth nextgen fic that's sitting mostly in my brain and partly (only to the Sorting year one of what wants badly to be a full series) on my computer.

    I know a lot of people dislike the Epilogue, and really so do I in a lot of ways, but the chief advantage is that there are opportunities to fix things. There's this generation of characters that JKR hasn't had the chance to screw up, whom I can use to highlight and work on setting right the problems with the wizarding world as written.

    Basically, the story focuses on Albus Potter, Rose Granger-Weasley, and Scorpius Malfoy, because...just because it's kind of a cliché fic topic doesn't mean it's bad. It just means a lot of people see something there to write about. Like, an opportunity to screw with "House genetics" by putting Albus in Slytherin and Scorpius in Ravenclaw. Rose is still in Gryffindor, though, but with her I'm focused on the assumption that she's going to be just like her mother. She's her dad's girl in my story, for better or for worse. (Also, I like Ron better than it seems anyone writing nextgen stories does. So he gets to, like, actually have an important relationship with a protagonist.) Also on the cliché-train, I'm totally going to end up shipping Albus/Scorpius...because fuck you JKR, I'm going to write gay characters who are neither tragically bereft nor dead nor evil. So there.

    On that subject, I'm declaring that all interview!canon facts are canon under advisement and I don't actually have to use them if I don't want to (e.g. I don't care what you say, Albus and Scorpius have the same middle name, because Hyperion is just silly). Or I can just choose to be selective in order to break down the incredible, overwhelming heterocentrism and nuclear-family-fetish going on. So, Audbrey [last name unknown]-Weasley is Percy's husband, not his wife, and their girls are adopted. And Luna is unmarried, has never been married, and doesn't feel the need for any help in bringing up her twins (not after they were both weaned and sleeping through the night, anyway). And I don't think Neville's married, or if he is I'm bizarrely fond of the idea of Neville/Millicent Bulstrode. And Ron is a stay-at-home dad, which I honestly think would make him happier. And they and their kids go by Granger-Weasley, because you know Hermione would demand it, awkward hyphenation be damned.

    Because really, JKR, did you absolutely have to declare that no one important enough to be discussed in an interview is gay-and-happy, or a single parent, or just plain single, or without kids? Really?
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    The long ones, in particular, which I have the most trouble finishing. These are the stories I am happy to babble about.

    Assorted fandoms, assorted genres )

    If I could actually get any of these done, that would be nice...*sigh* I fail so hard at longfic.
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    Okay, so having abandoned my old goal, I have decided to get a new one: Every day, I want to produce something. A short story, a piece of fic, a drawing, icons, whatever.

    So, today I wrote a Harry Potter essay, Horcrux Hunting, or Fantastic Magical Artefacts and Where to Find Them, which is essentially all my random thought about the Horcruces written down and organized. I like it very much.
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    Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: Home to more homoeroticism since, or possibly until, “Harry Potter was rapidly becoming obsessed with Draco Malfoy.”

    My Observations on the subject )

    Current plot ideas:
    1. Yellow ribbons on a black armband, in the Muggle and wizarding worlds.
    2. The kind of love the Champions thought was most important.
    3. The actor playing Barty Crouch Junior? Is the Tenth Doctor. Need I say more?
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    Because I can always find a reason not to do my homework.

    The Consequences Quartet
    Harry Potter; First War; gen with mentioned James/Lily; PG perhaps; 100 words per.
    Summary: Getting what you want and need is good, but sometimes there are unforeseen consequences.

    Sirius )

    Remus )

    James )

    Peter )
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    In honour of this most wonderful icon (by [ profile] siriaeve), I will now indulge by whim by describing all the different characters of whom Severus Snape reminds me, and how, in a disjointed fashion probably comprehensible only to me.

    Dragons and Witches and Teachers, oh my! )

    Any further suggestions?
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    Five drabbles x 100 words each = 500 words total. Funfun. Feedback on any/all would be nice. Posted in order of writing.

    He Called Me Regulus
    Harry Potter; Regulus, Severus; Romance; pre-canon, no spoilers.
    Read more... )

    Love and Hate
    Silmarillion; Maedhros; Angst (duh); before the death of Feanor.
    Read more... )

    Shades of Passion
    G(r)eek mythology; Hades, Persephone; Romance; no warnings.
    Read more... )

    Harry Potter; Remus, Sirius; Angst/Romance; First War.
    Read more... )

    Family Ties
    Harry Potter; Petunia; Angst; no spoilers.
    Read more... )
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    See! I promised, and I delivered!

    Best Friends Forever
    Canon: Entirely, congruent with HBP.
    Wordcount: 835.
    Rating: PG, for death and such.
    Spoilers: HBP, for the identity of the Half-blood Prince.
    Summary: Once at Hogwarts there were two girls who were the best of friends...

    Best Friends Forever )
    A few notes )

    Crossposted to [ profile] genfic_hogwarts.
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    The Plot, and General Observations )

    Character Development and Romance )

    The Death )

    The Half-Blood Prince )

    The Noble and Most Ancient House of Black )

    I have nothing much else to say, except that this is really good work. In my view, the best yet. Harry isn't so excellent, but he quits the ANGST WOE ALL CAPS, and the plot is elegant. Much love.

    Reading time: Three hours and a quarter. This one is shorter than the last, but I think my read time has improved as well.
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    Or, one last piece of fic before all I've been working on gets Jossed, and I have to start all over.

    Family Reunions )

    I love my Black boys. Okay, I love Regulus, and I will put up with Dead!Sirius for his sake. Teen!Sirius, fortunately, neither I nor Regulus can stand.

    HBP minus fifty-three minutes.
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    I spent today doing a complicated, five-generation family tree of my Regulus!verse House of Black (and associated Lestranges, Parkinsons, and many, many surnames of my own invention). Then I went through and put all the principles in relative age. I need to check that up with the online timelines, though.

    I used loads of Roman names, including, in one immediate family, Sempronia, Livia, Lucia, Lucilla, and Gaius. That's Regulus's mum, her family, and their husbands. I also used Julius, Cornelia, Augustus, Claudia, and Augusta, as well as Greek mythology names; Cassandra, Cassiopeia, Perseus, Boreas, and Actaeon. I used many, many names. It's complicated, and will probably be Jossed within a week, but that's okay.

    By the by, I'm going to LJ-cut all HBP spoilers from time of reading for at least one month for obvious things, possibly more, if only because I tend to ramble.
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    Mom went to pick him up! I miss him.

    Hades/Persephone update: 3400 words, now. I sat down and spent all morning on it. They've gotten through one major plot point, of three or four.

    This will take some time.

    Is there any reason not to 'ship Salazar/Godric? I mean, any one at all? Once you start asking if there were ever such friends as they were, you've entered Friendship of Legend airspace. You can sign up for a shared coffin and mixed shields on your left.

    The Founders: Exuding slash vibes across a thousand years, as delivered by a hat! To school children! Fear their might!
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    (New icon, btw.)

    I have two principle topics here, Dumbledore and Founders.

    First, Dumbledore )

    Now, the Founders )

    In case it's not obvious, I'm writing stuff down to write Founders-fic. Fun.

    Anyone have any further ideas, explanations, or places where I make no sense at all?
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    Writing thus far today: 1100 words of my Hades/Persephone cracktastic modern-day evilfic. Funfun. And y'know what? The last two lines were their first words to each other. I write loooooong.

    I have many Harry Potter-related thoughts to recount. Will do so when they are better composed, mmkay?

    I want to write Founderslash. Back later.


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