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Had all my classes today (I know, my head will explode), so I can safely say that things seem good. However, my Japanese vocabulary has dwindled to near-nonexistent and needs serious help. On the plus side, it's not like I have anything to do tomorrow other than homework!

So, I have Japanese first (study study vocab kanji help), then Latin (where did all these people I've never seen before come from?), then French (wheee Chretien de Troyes!), then Greek (heheh Medea heheh). A good assortment, I feel, as I'll alternate English-speaking and not. Plus, good teachers all round, I think. Not sure about Japanese yet, as I've never had her before, but otherwise win. So that's a bonus.

Also, finally finished up my character sheet for the Judea game. After thinking about it, I realize that I may have created a variation of True Neutral I've never seen or heard of before. See, she's a druid priestess...of Cybele, goddess of caverns, nature, fortresses, earth, and some of the wildest parties in the ancient world (and that's saying something). And she's a lot of what you'd expect of a priestess whose initiation involved a bull's-blood shower. But also a fair amount of what you'd expect of a provincial woman who's very aware of the benefits of the Roman system.

The thing is, most True Neutral goes in hardcore for the Buddhist thing--moderation good, excess bad. Either that or just apathy. Whereas this character's philosophy is rather Ecclesiastes, when I think about it--"A time for living, and a time for dying; a time for going to the public baths to relax before visiting the library to study the serious tome, and a time for drunken revelry and possibly orgies; a time for laughing, and a time for opening up a can of whoop-ass in a fashion most violent." She refers to it as "the drought and the flood" aspect of nature. And
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...What? You mean I have to get *more* grownup? No!! Why?! Wasn't turning eighteen enough, now I have to be nineteen? How is that fair?

Started my birthday off with finishing up the Ravenloft campaign, which was more fun than pretty much any session up to that point. Chris somehow got a lot more fun to play after she was mindraped and went chaotic evil, possibly because the trauma gave her more interesting and varied reactions. Also for some reason it's easier to roleplay the Diplomacy than it was before. And they say crazy and evil has no benefits. Of course, she's now stuck halfway to being the vampiric sex slave--sorry, "love" slave--of the Big Bad, but you can't have everything. (She has plans for what she's going to do to him, given a decade or so of adding more bard and then a passle of sorceror levels.)

Also, Zach's character? Completely broken. does not get more broken than, "Oh, hi, big bad of the entire Ravenloft setting. You say you rolled a 3 on your Fortitude save? Well, I confirmed a critical, so have in the neighborhood of 300 points of damage from my disintigration of awesome. Bye." I mean, yes, it was a combination of two fairly improbable things--he rolled a crit on the attack and confirmed it, and the boss failed the save, but these were both possible things, and if it's at all possible to turn the final boss fight into a one-hit-kill, then the character is broken. Very broken.
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One session into this D&D campaign, and my character has already had his emotional strength and support stripped from him completely in the most brutal of possible ways.

This is gonna be fun.

Besides, when I signed up to be a paladin, I did explicitly agree to stand in front of a plotbus. So it's not like it came as a surprise, although I wasn't expecting it so soon. It's made more fun to play by the fact that my character has been a cheerful, friendly, confident person, who can recover quickly from any psychological damage--except this. Which means I will spend the next session being quiet, morose, and completely lacking in both confidence and self-preservation, prone to extended bouts of self-flagellation.

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Profound D&D-related statement of the week: Sometimes, not even a natural 20 can save you.

Seriously. We had a "Everything you think you knew was wrong" horror-check and everyone failed--this despite the fact that I got a natural 20. Life is like that sometimes.

However! I can now heal people! Plus, I have Mage Hand. Heheheheh...*leers* Leveling up = very very good. Plus, I got to use Remove Fear in such a way that it actually worked. I now feel like I have a purpose other than "Well, sometimes she hits things".

On the other hand, I seriously fail at Reflex save. Despite my +7, I managed to...well, the Creepy Caliban Janitor shattered the floor under the wights, and I kind of fell down too. It was bad, in the "Now all four wights are attacking you! Think fast!" kind of way. (Here's to Blur--sometimes they miss.)

So, yeah. Fought giant spider woman, flirted with guy who turned out to be boyfriend of giant spider woman (but I got him to pay us half in advance for what he wanted us to do, so it was okay), got bitched at by the Evil TA, used feminine wiles (hey! I'm a bard with 18 Charisma! It's what I do!), shot was good.

There are now Sunshine and Puppies in the Ravenloft world, courtesy of the DM's girlfriend, who apparently thought there should be an argued with him until he got an idea about them. Of course, they're evil, us-eating sunshine and puppies, but you can't have everything.
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So, today I sat in on the D&D campaign again, which was scads of fun. I should probably be worried about the size of the knives carried by the people I hang out with, but I'm really not. It's hard to get worried about my safety around people who perform an interactive demonstration of glomping (Poor Jeremy...That's what he gets for being able to catch an adult at tackle velocity) or who make an extended, filthy metaphor about swords"swords".

The worst part was when one guy from my Greek class wandered in, managed to make me look socially competent, and was eventually banished by me telling him to go study his verbs. That wasn't the bad part. The bad part was the "He so wants you" comments after he shut the door. (He DOES NOT! And if he does, I DON'T reciprocate! A girl's gotta have standards!)

Then we went over to Open House and played Oh Heck until eleven. (I won a game! A winnar is me! <-Sign #whatever that I have found my people: we share the same tendency to say slogans from macros out loud.)

Gee, sat in a circle on the floor for hours playing cards...sound familiar? I must find more decks and teach these people Canfield.

Also, at one point we had the following classic comedy moment:

Girl: (exiting her room, on the phone) ...I don't know what I'd do if I didn't have a Sheep.
Circle: *beat* *break down laughing*

(Sheep was the person to whom she was speaking, which doesn't make it any less funny. It was the perfect "sounds absolutely filthy but really isn't" moment.)

Anywho. They say they want to keep me. This seems like a good plan to me.

Need to sleep. Play & dinner with grandparents tomorrow. IMS interview before that. = must awake before 10. And so, adieu!
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I think I'm starting to get the hang of this system. Just starting, and it involves a lot of frantic page-ups and -downs to get to the place I put the information I need at any given moment. I'm working on it.

Also, I had hysterics, or at least Chris had--I failed a horror check after CERTAIN EVIL JANITORS who shall remain nameless blew up a mutated baby-thing and it spattered on me. (Which was after the same evil janitor blew up my gun--fortunately not my good one--to stop me shooting another party member, which was when I was mind-controlled-ish, which was after we found the decomposing body hidden in a pipe, which was after the night of bad sleep with creepy magically-appearing poems, which was after...yeah. It was a good time to have hysterics.) Featured in my hyperventilating wails was 'Why is everything blowing up in my face today?!' It was fun. Liam enjoys shattering everything he can get his character's powers on.

I really have to work out how to turn Prestidigiation to my advantage as a spell. This shouldn't be too hard in a setting with guns, since, say, preventing a gun from firing shouldn't take much force. Yes, I am now a bard who knows she is a bard, but since I haven't had a chance to add any new spells since finding out, it doesn't help much. I wanna level up. *pouts* But! I now have a better gun and some armor. Next shopping trip: random useful objects and something to carry them in.

We then spent literally two hours over dinner, talking, freaking each other out on purpose (Isaac would make a lovely geisha, *serious nod*), and generally having fun. I have friends, or at least people who may well become friends. Yay. ;)

I never quite realized how weird it is to try joining a group that already has a load of in-jokes. It makes it harder to understand what the heck people are talking about, which may be a good thing.


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