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Rating: 3/10.

Review contains spoilers as a matter of course. Be the chamber so advised.

Well, it was pretty )

In sum: considering that Alice in Wonderland is a big old trope-subverting fest, I think I was justified in expecting to see some tropes subverted rather than played deadly, painfully, misogynistically straight. Boy, was I ever disappointed.

Now I want to take the same basic plot and write it in a not-suck fashion. Which pushes my Alice book ideas up to three. This could be a problem.
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(Almost a week after everyone else, I know, but these things happen.)

*whimpers* )
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1. Charming Local Festival on Saturday--i.e. wander down Main Street, which is closed off and lined with booths selling things, play games, eat unhealthy but delicious food (mmmm funnel cake). Also, the adopt-a-pet booth had a six-week-old kitten who, when I picked her up, clambered up to my shoulder and fell asleep. It was the most adorable thing ever, and only great strength of will kept me from begging to be allowed to take her home.

2. Renn Faire on Saturday, always fun--watching fights, wandering about, shopping for this and that. Sister bought a dress, and I think I'm going to order a skirt from one of the people who was selling garb. I also want a corset, because the one I tried on was incredibly comfortable, but at $250ish...not unless I get a *really good* summer job.

3. Iron Man this afternoon with family. Spoilers for a comics title that started in the 60s, so probably no longer counts )

*waits none-too-patiently for a movie to defrost Cap so Tony can get some hugs around here*
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At last, a movie that delivers what it promises.

This is a movie that must be seen in a group for maximum laughter. It is just a thing. Bringing along toy snakes (Hi, Filbert!) is an optional extra.

My mom is a theater wimp. She spent a third of the movie hiding her eyes.

I will never see a movie with inveterate slash fans again. (Query: Would this mean I could no longer take myself to movies? Discuss.) Okay, until next time.

For reference, [ profile] stormflare likes competent kickboxers. Anyone know any? Besides her, I mean.

This truly achieves bad movie greatness. Truly. It should be remembered forever: this is what fans can do when they try.
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Went to see Brokeback Mountain with the Maternal Unit, Ami, and various semi-familial adults. It was good. Now I need to read the story; maybe it will hit me more with the emotional reaction.

Fact: I have never, to my recollection, cried at a movie or television show, even ones that were supposed to be tearjerkers.
Fact: I have cried at many, many books and stories, even ones that weren't trying to make me do so.
Inference: I have a stronger, more visceral emotional reaction to the printed word than to the picture.


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