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Didn't post yesterday because I fell asleep, and it was a slow fic day anyway. So, two days' worth together, such as it is.

Fic (incomplete): 1200 words of Piper and Trickster Make Terrible Jokes. I swear, I'm almost done. How did this thing get so long? It's 6000 words already! Oh, right. Sending people through a book, even a short one, takes time.

Sporking: Finished first draft of latest spork. Zexion is not pleased by the shenanigans involved. But then, is he ever?
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Fic (incomplete):
  • 700 more words of Piper and Trickster Have Wild Genfic Adventures. Gay jokes written: 1. Could I have resisted: no. Moments of angst: 1. In which our heroes debate the cause of their plight and fail to realize that Authorial Deus Ex Machina is an option.
  • 1700 words of Penelo Defies Your Badfic Helplessness. It's not lighthearted or funny any more, really, which is a pity in some ways but is the natural consequence of letting reality in. Because as funny as it was to traumatize the boys, buying people as sex slaves is not funny. Ever. I may have to kill the character in question just to relieve my own feelings.

    Sporking: Worked desultorily on next spork. For the lulz, as they say.
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    Fic (incomplete):
  • 600 words of Piper and Trickster, in which the penny drops and Tricks makes at least one gay joke, but it's not like I'd be physically capable of not making it myself. He's going to make at least one more, would be OOC not to take the feed line.
  • 1100 words of Penelo Kicks Butt and Defies Sexual Construction of the Female Body. Unfortunately, this was the bit in which she pretends to be a frail and fragile flower. Crushing this to dust is next.

    I'm going to finish both of these before I go back, I swears.
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    Yeah, I didn't get any work done yesterday. It was a day full of family fun and things of that nature. I did, however, play mini golf.

    Fic (incomplete):
  • 500 more words of Piper and Trickster Had No Idea They Were Signing Themselves Up For This. I swear, it's going to end eventually!
  • 1000 more words of FFXII fic. It's not my fault I'm enjoying it! Plus, the dialogue is more than half the fun.

    RPG: Think I've mostly hammered out the Demon character. Think. Need to run it by Ye Bosslady.
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    Fic (incomplete):
  • 500 more of See Cygna Rampage Through Her Childhood. Rampage, Cygna, Rampage. I'll finish it sooner or later, I swear.
  • 800 more of Let's Play Inflict Mental Trauma. Trauma successfully inflicted. Moving on to implementation.

    Sporking: I know, I know, just finished one, but I'm already started on the next one. It was the LOLarious overuse of epithets that got me. Somehow, much funnier this time.

    RPG: Worked on character for next semester's Demon game. Stared at Player's Handbook for far too long. Typity typity type still trying to understand this but I have most of a background worked out now, which puts me well forward.
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    Fic (incomplete):
  • Another 500 words of This Is Cygna's Brain on Childhood Literature. It's coming, slowly but it is. I'll finish it yet.
  • 800 more words of Penelo Is Not As Innocent As Balthier Naively Believed, The Poor Pirate. Bash is scandalized. Penelo points out that despite the pigtails she's not actually twelve.
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    Somewhat belated, strictly speaking, but whatever.

    Fic (incomplete):
  • 500 words of the Piper&Trickster fic I'm working on, which does not want to come to my pen. C'mon, guys! It's freaking genfic! Stop running out on me!
  • 1000 words of something new, a FFXII story the idea of which was inspired by a fanficrant some time ago. It's subtitled, "Or, Basch gets traumatized (so what else is new?) and Balthier finds that chivalry is not always the answer". So you know it's fun.

    Editing: Still looking for a CCS beta, people! It's a real quick read-through, that's it, I promise.
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    Fic (complete): 1400 words of Femgenficathon fic, which I believe finished it off at 3000 words in total. Yay! I can has accomplishment!

    On that note, would anyone here be willing to beta said Femgen story? It's a CardCaptor Sakura story (I will cling to this fandom if it's the last thing I do), featuring Meiling specifically, so you know who you are.
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    Actually did nothing today on personal stuff, due to a combination of [ profile] sallarafax's comic-drawing party (afternoon) and Mom's birthday (evening). So, not my fault or laziness, just lack of time. I have 65 words of the thriller story/novella/whatever it decides to be that I woke up with this morning and wrote down. It probably won't be as scary outside of the dream, in which I was right there and seriously feared for my life.

    However, I completed three (3) comic fill-ins of varying levels of perversity, and one panel each on eight pass-around comics. They completely count.
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    Feel much better about myself now. And less soul-destroyed. I'm quick on the bounceback that way.

    Fic (incomplete): 1500 words of Femgenficathon fic, which is CCS (I am going to get myself back into this fandom by hook or by crook), featuring Meiling, and has more actual plot than anything I've written for Femgen before. I'm pleased with it so far.

    Sporking: Finished and posted Frozen (Part One and Part Two, because the sporking was too long to fit into one post) to H_F. Ohmygod this is the worst thing I've sporked to date, and worse than anything on my to-spork list. It's not funny at all (because domestic abuse? NOT FUNNY MOTHERFUCKER). I had to add amusing drunken antics to make the spork funny, mostly because otherwise the victims were going to stick their heads in a meat grinder. Still, I didn't use capslock. Lots of italics, but no capslock. Sometimes you're just too traumatised for capslock.
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    I have no icon for 'Oh holy hell what hath I wrought', but this is close enough.

    Fic (complete): 1300 words of something that has pretty much destroyed my soul and as such will never be shown to anyone ever. Kaz, you better be on AIM tomorrow, because I need hugs to regenerate my lost soul.

    Fic (incomplete): 200 more words of P&T in Oz. I wasn't feeling them today.

    Sporking: Probably finished writing Domestic Abuse Fails Forever Part One. It's thirty-two pages without coding tags, and is going to get an Ansem for failing at everything forever. Everything. Brains scarred: one real (me), four fictional (Vexen, Zexion, Marluxia, Roxas). Fourth walls broken: at least one. Plotbunny that involves Axel learning to break the fourth wall from Deadpool: one.

    Other: Filmed with friends "Pirates vs. Ninja: the Reality Show". It was hilarious in the making, and hopefully will be as hilarious in the finished product when our Noble Film Guy edits it.

    Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go lovingly tend what little remains of my soul.
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    I've decided to start doing these so I can keep track of what I've actually done.

    Fic (incomplete): First 1000 words of "Pied Piper and the Trickster in Oz", also known as my reminder to myself that I shouldn't let being in real fandoms with other people make me uppity or cause me to forget all the many fandoms which no one, it seems, shares.

    Sporking: continued to work on 'Domestic Abuse for the Ultimate Fail'. Characters made amusingly drunk: 2. Lightning bolts: 1. Urge to kill: has no more room in which to rise.

    Yeah, today was a slow day. I'm working on it!


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