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Someone asked me my thoughts on yaoi Eriol/Tomoyo.

I feel kind of sorry for the E/T fans who're about to read my attempt-to-not-explicitly-say-they're-all-complete-morons-but-make-my-opinion-of-them-clear-anyway.

Do not ask this kind of question if you don't want me to give a multi-paragraph, increasingly sarcastic answer.
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1. List up to 20 characters that you like to write. (Original characters are welcome)
2. Ask your friends to comment to this post with questions directed to the listed characters.
3. Reply to your friends' questions in character inside your own "head canon."

1. Touya Kinomoto (CCS)
2. Kero (CCS)
3. Regulus Black (HP)
4. Salazar Slytherin (HP)
5. Helga Hufflepuff (HP)
6. Ozma (Wizard of Oz)
7. Pel, Duke of Galstan (Dragaera)
8. Vladimir Taltos (Dragaera)
9. Edmund Pevensie (Narnia)
10. Shasta (Narnia)
11. Maedhros Feanorion (Tolkien)
12. Denethor (Tolkien)
13. Auron (FFX)
14. Jecht (FFX)
15. Gippal (FFX-2)
16. Vossler (FFXII)
17. the Judges Magister Gabranth (FFXII)
18. Judge Magister Drace (FFXII)
19. Gramis (FFXII)
20. Reddas (FFXII)

And if you cannot find someone on this list from a fandom you are interested in, I declare myself confuzzled. (Or maybe I just don't have much headcanon for them.)
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Auron/Rikku is, I have decided, the Eriol/Tomoyo of FFX fandom:

  • No canon evidence whatsoever;
  • In fact, possible negative evidence in terms of other relationships, interests, or similar;
  • They may have spoken once or twice about another canon character (Sakura, Yuna/Tidus);
  • A much larger age gap than most fans acknowledge;
  • Other issues (being dead, being the half-reincarnation of a great and powerful sorcerer who could see the future in graphic detail) skated over without so much as a nod;
  • Characters tend to appear in places (Japan, Spira) where they have no reason to be, as they are officially elsewhere (England, the Farplane);
  • Canon non-romantic relationships getting thrown out the window (Guardians, what Guardians? Summoner, what summoner?);
  • Appear as secondary pairing in stories featuring the major canon pairing (Sakura/Syaoran, Yuna/Tidus);
  • Take up space that could be used for canon pairings (too many to list);
  • Have many truly idiotic fans who make us all headdesk with their prejudices against certain pairings (age gaps, slash) while ignoring issues with their own (age gaps, necrophilia);
  • Are mostly in stories with no buildup or explanation of pairing whatsoever;
  • I have seen them each done well exactly once.

    Argh. FAIL and LOSE.
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    Title: Because of Quantum
    Part: 1/2 or more
    Subtitle: OMG. WTF am I on?!
    Genre: Fusion, Cracktastic
    Fandom: That would be telling.
    Summary: This world has probably never shown up in a Quantum Mirror. This is just because the Narrative Gods of Comedy have yet to catch wind of it.
    Notes: Not written on a sugar high, or any other kind of high. I'm just that crazy.

    Because of Quantum, 1/several )

    Post Scripta )


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