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Yuletide went live.

Received vast and impressively accurate quantities of loot. (Note to self: ALWAYS REMEMBER TO SEND A LIST! Everyone appreciates it and then they get you a significantly higher proportion of stuff you were actively desiring.)

Cannot decide which of new videogames to play first.

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As an end-of-undergrad-classes-FOREVER present to myself, I bought both Portal and Recettear. A shopkeeper is me! (OMG SO ADORABLE I REGRET NOTHING.)

Speaking of which...end of undergrad classes. Forever. I'm not really sure how to feel about this. Except that I wish it wasn't.
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So, I had my Bat Mitzvah today, only...*counts on fingers* eight? Nine? years overdue. But hey, I got there in the end, didn't I?

It was nice. Various friends & relatives came to see me make a fool of myself with my little speech-thing and read the Torah (which is to say, recite the three lines I memorized, as is the traditional way). There were ten of us, which kind of boggles me -- that's an entire minyan of college students who wanted to really do this Judaism thing at once! Weird.

Anyway, there was food, and people gave me clothes, and we chattered at each other in our inimitable fashion. And it was nice.

I think the moral of this story is that the things you learn about yourself at college are never the ones you went there looking for.

Speaking of which...graduation in three weeks! Neep!

Yay Yule!

Dec. 30th, 2010 09:50 am
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So, the Yuletide fics went live, and then two days ago relatives finally made it through the snow and we opened presents, and I *did* get the present I wanted, i.e. the Birth By Sleep PSP bundle. So if you don't hear from me again until February, those two things are the reasons why.

My sister got a tool bag from our grandparents. One FULL OF TOOLS, like seventeen different wrenches, and both mini and regular screwdrivers, and...yeah. Somewhat egregious. (Our grandparents have two grandchildren total and therefore the spoiling is concentrated.) I need to remember to start asking for things like weaponry and chainmail-making stuff, because I'd probably get it.

Anyway, the Command Board and I have a date, so I'll see you in February! (Or, you know, hopefully not, but one can never tell.)
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So the past two weeks have been made of insanity, which is why I haven't been around much. But as of fifteen minutes ago when I turned in my last paper, the insanity is OVER. (Okay, I still have to pack. Hush. That's pretty relaxed; I have like a day.)

Quest game: DONE, and it went great. By some freakish miracle for which I am still awaiting the charge, nothing went catastrophically wrong. Of course, this is only encouraging me to do it again (provided that Quest doesn't implode in the next year or so, which is not by any means a given). There was also that implosion, but I have decided to ignore it until sanity is restored.

French paper & assignment: DONE, ha bitch, take that! Essay is actually pretty okay, though it took FOREVER to get like 6.25 pages. Assignment should probably be longer, but whatever. He said "comment BRIEFLY".

Greek translation & commentary: DONE, although not very elegantly or insightfully. Should still be adequate, however.

Chem final exam: DONE, and btw a week and a day after our last exam? Not cool. I hope I did okay, because it seemed like I was done freakishly quickly. Eh. I definitely passed the course, and that's all I need. Though an A to give my GPA a boost would be nice too.

Greek gender paper: DONE, though in fact it sucks, which makes me feel bad. I saved this until last despite it being longest, because when the going gets tough I can just kind of throw words at the keyboard until such time as a pagecount minimum is reached. I shall miss that class.


Of course, my sleep schedule is kinda fucked, my room is a mess, and I haven't packed, but who cares? Those can be sorted out a)when I get home, b)...later. Much later., and c)after I get back from dinner with grandparents, which is now a guilt-free endeavor.
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Worst. Test. Ever. Man, I thought I had this chem stuff down pretty okay, and then it was all explaining why things and questions from the depths of the things we didn't go over in class. Fuck. I hope there's a massive curve. Or that I guessed right more than I thought. I suck at explaining why science. That is for science people. I am here to punch buttons on my calculator. (WHY do they always assume that science for non-science people should have all the thinky and none of the math? I don't want to understand this stuff! I want to do problems!)

And I have a paper due Friday. 6-8 pages. Haven't started.


And it's raining drearily.

I need an imaginary hug.

*goes looking for cute fluffy updates*
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Today the Chem prof compensated for talking about intermolecular interactions for three quarters of an hour by spending five minutes with balloons full of air, helium, and sodium hexafluoride. First he pulled out the SF6 and air balloons. Then he undid the string from the helium balloon so it could float free. Then he passed the first two around (fact: SF6 in a balloon is less a balloon than a bouncy ball), while he fetched the helium balloon down off the ceiling and did the squeaky voice to mass hilarity. *Then* he pulled out the SF6 canister and partly filled another balloon...

I'd never seen someone do the heavy-gas version before. Possibly because of the safety lecture he had to give us about not inhaling heavy gases because you can asphyxiate (if you do, stand on your head and all will be well). It was actually more hilarious than the helium. He sounded like a dying VCR.

In other news, campus caught a cold. I haven't managed to lose the headache part yet. Feh. Should probably sleep more (= sufficiently).

Having given up on getting a PSP in the near future (waaaaaant...), I've started watching a BBS playthrough on Youtube. Not as much fun as playing it myself, but what can one do? I want to be able to read fic in this fandom again sometime this year.

I need a gaming icon on this account.
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It is my busy day for classes. I:

A) wake up bright and early, feeling chipper;
B) flail out of bed at the alarm;
C) wake up when my suddenly appearing sore throat becomes too painful to sleep through.

Go on. Guess.

Fscking instant headcolds. Can't think. Need sleep. Fuck class. Wrrrgh.
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Me: 2,683.
Books for transfer: 0.

That score representing the number of books I've ironed new labels on and in most cases physically and personally moved across campus this summer. And now. I. AM. DONE!!! *victory dance*

Also, went to see parents this past weekend. Had adventures. Will describe in greater detail later. I just needed to say this RIGHT NOW.

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Of course, everyone gets linked here while I'm away and moving and flailing and things. Hi, guys!

So I can't get into my email. I was being unable to log on to my profile to change my password (because it's that time of semester again), and I emailed university tech support about this, because I need my email. And it seems they decided to change my password, as a solution. Great. Actually, that would've worked, except that if I'm offline too long, my webmail logs out automatically. So I can't get back in to see WTF and what, if anything, they actually *sent* me.

And I can't call, as it's, you know, intercontinental and thus made of expensivium. What do I dooooooo?!!

EDIT: Skype is awesome, as is my mother. Password resolved. *victory dance*
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So I appear to be becoming a compulsive liar.

Only of course, being me, it's not for something like getting sympathy or free stuff out of people. No, I have to be the kind of compulsive liar who always says "It's okay" even when that's not actually true at all.

So a couple days ago the program people told me that they'd gotten a letter from my host family saying that there were problems, and they thought I should move somewhere else. And they've been setting up for me to go live in basically a dorm. And I nodded and said, "It's okay", because like hell I'm going to whine and complain and insist on staying somewhere I'm not wanted.

But then this evening Barbara comes to my room and says that she doesn't want me to think she was fed up anyway, she just told the program about money problems I've been having (*expletive deleted* bank card) and that, though the program seriously encourages her to do things with me, I'm not...a very do-things-with-y person, and she didn't want me to be going home in three months having been miserable and not told anyone. And she said that if I thought living in a dorm-oid-product would be better, that's great, but I did come to this decision with the program, right, so it should be okay? And I nodded and said, "It's okay", because...fuck if I know why.

Because no, I don't want to leave. And I wasn't unhappy. I'm unhappy now, because I'm getting kicked out! I like it here, and they're nice, and I like them, and I've been trying to de-shell-ify, because I don't want them to think I don't appreciate how nice they've been. But now I've said, "It's okay", because I didn't get the impression the program was presenting me with any kind of choice. So how do I go about explaining that no, it's not okay, I hate moving and by the way you totally misrepresented the situation to me?
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Okay! Last class of the semester is over! Now I may have time and energy to post about the various things I've done over the last few between writing too many papers and studying for my Japanese final.

*sigh* The road goes ever on and on...
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Well, I achieved new glasses, at the low low price of $300 and most of my afternoon (including two of my classes). This did not actually lead to more spoons, as my depth perception was shot all to hell. I mean, I would look at my feet while walking, and feel like Alice, only with less nifty wordplay and more flat-out perception/body horror: my feet looked too close, and the ground looked like it was rising up to meet my feet. So as you might imagine, just getting to dinner and then my TA session cost spoons (fortunately I recouped some of them by eating and chatting with friends).

I am filled with so much empathy for those of you (and those not of you) who live with this kind of thing. So much. I sympathized before, but I realize that I didn't really understand what "How can I budget my day so that I only burst into tears in the privacy of my own room?" felt like. Now I have an inkling.

On the plus side, I think it's getting better, so it was probably just that I had to get used to the new glasses.
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Now, usually I don't really have a spoon problem. I generally have enough spoons for whatever I'm doing at the moment. Even on Tuesdays, which are high-traffic days chez moi. However. All it takes is one little snap of plastic to turn my day into an exercise in advanced spoon management.

Procided, of course, that that snap of plastic is the bridge of my glasses breaking. I do not own a spare pair, which I am seriously regretting now. I'm trying to patch the things together with craft glue (all I have) and scotch tape, but the whole thing is an exercise in smeared lenses, no depth perception, and, of course, to put the frosting on the failcake, looking like an idiot.

I managed Japanese. I'm not even bothering with Latin; I can't see well/consistently/for long enough to translate or read. (But how are you writing this, then? You may well ask. Answer: I can touch-type. So I'm typing this with my glasses off and then dangling them in front of my face to fix the myriad errors that result.)

I really hope my French teacher will accept "I have only a limited lease on distance vision, and by 'distance' I mean more than three inches" as a valid excuse to not turn in my paper today. Because that is just not happening. I can maybe, maybe, touch-type in French, but considering that he's checking for orthography errors? Not a chance.

ARGH. I do not have enough spoons for this shit. And I don't know how to fix this so I can get some back, either.

And the place on campius that sells Nutella won't be open until noon. Curses.
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So, I went to the silent movie last night with a couple of friends (I dressed up as a princess and probably looked very silly, but whatevs). Last year, the movie was kind of meh, but this year? This year it was the Lon Chaney Phantom of the Opera. With live organ music. It was beyond brilliant.

I was interested in how unromantic this Phantom is. It's very capital-R Romantic, with swooning and exaggerated expressions and whatnot, but the Phantom himself is clearly no kind of tragic hero. The one half-decent bit of acting as we would recognize it (genre convention having changed) was that Christine looks really, seriously, revulsed and freaked out even before she takes off the mask. Like, "Oooh, I have a secret admirer...oooh, mysterious rendez-vous...oh, mysterious admirer not as sexy as I'd pictured...rather creepy actually...wait what the fuck is that a wedding dress?!"

And then when the movie was over the friends I saw it with and I stood around talking outside for a while, until we realized it was like one in the morning and we were standing outside the chapel talking about languages. So we went to one of their rooms and talked more. As in, we successfully talked down the partygoers--I got back to my own room at 5, and my hall was no longer being made of loudness and fail.

So I think this counts as a success for operation: make more friends, geez louise woman. And it's Saturday, so I could sleep in.

When I went out for lunch, the bells were playing "Angel of Music". It made the day look brighter already.
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I'm sure there is a reason why my Japanese vocabulary for this chapter includes "space alien". Really. I'm sure they had a reason. (Since we're doing polite language, and another vocab word, which for some reason they think they have to actually give us, is "moon", I figure they want us to be prepared to give directions to the space aliens from the moon when they arrive.)

At least they're teaching me words I actually stand a chance of using along with things like "branch office"...
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Words of reading response: 310
Sentence of same: 7
Words in longest sentence: 87
Words in shortest sentence: 20

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Why, academic-ese, why? Why must you be deliberately as dense and incomprehensible as possible? See, the thing is, when I see a paper that is full of such blargle, I assume that you're using it in the way I use it: to hide the fact that you have nothing to actually say. And my reading of your paper tends to bear this out.

When I am goddess, such things will not be stood for. Oh, fandom, you spoil me so, with your meta discussions in normal-people prose. It makes academic-ese so much harder to bear.
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Time I last slept: 7:00 am...Monday morning.
Unless you count: a twenty-minute nap on a bench in the Classics building.
But: I turned in my French paper punctually.
Though: it really rather sucks.
But on the bright side: no class tomorrow.
And thus: I can catch up on sleep.
Starting: NOW.


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