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I emerge from the KHIII abyss, bearing many Opinions.

There are some things I was incredibly thrilled by, not least among them repentant science dad Even Kingdomhearts! I have an RP journal for him that was originally set post-3D, when it looked like he'd be human again with the rest, and the trailers very much made me Worry that it would become unplayable/non-canonical. But it didn't! He's doing his best! Also, very good Wayfinder family, and Axelea and his precious children, and Naminé and Xion, and Repliku getting some precious screentime as well!

But. Kairi.

I really thought we were going to get her as at least a party member for more than, like, half a fight. She's been champing at the bit to get in there and get some agency since KH1, for crying out loud! Remember when she wanted to join Sora for endgame and he had to convince her not to? Remember in KH2, when she got a Keyblade and immediately jumped off a balcony into combat? Remember all of that?

Because I don't think Nomura did.

My tolerance for fridging - hurting or killing female characters to motivate the male hero - has never been high, and this was egregious. They kept teasing us with playable Kairi, with combat-enabled Kairi, and when endgame finally came around...she got kidnapped and murdered explicitly to motivate Sora. I was riding this beautiful high of all my faves together and getting good character moments, and this dropped me into Rage Mode immediately. Awful. Spoiled an otherwise beautiful ending.

That said, nothing will spoil Vanyeetas, which is to say that bit where Sully just fucking. Grabs Vanitas and tosses him through a door. None of your bs here, my awful son!
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