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I didn't fully realize until just now that the end-of-chapter-3 scenes in Bevelle are optional. If you've been there once in the chapter and been turned away, you could easily miss a cutscene that ties the whole story together. I mean, I guess you learn soon that Baralai's been possessed, much of the character stories are revealed, are revealed to have stories, there. Why is that missable?

Once again, it's a fascinating cutscene from Nooj's perspective, because it must be so jumbled. He learns about Vegnagun - consciously from spheres, subconsciously from Shuyin - and goes down there to destroy it and/or use it, depending on whether Nooj or Shuyin is driving at the time. (And then it, what? Freaks out and schloops into the Farplane? I feel kind of sorry for Vegnagun all of a sudden. Whose idea was it to make a weapon capable of sensing emotions?) And then Baralai shows up, and Gippal, and Nooj-who-is-Nooj is happy to see them but aware that...something's not right. There's a gap, and he feels like he made it, and he's so angry as well as sad...

And then Baralai says, "Why did you shoot?" and while Nooj is reeling, Someone Else starts speaking with his mouth. Never a good time.

On the other hand, it must have been such a relief when Shuyin peeled out of him, even with everything else happening. Like the day when you try meds that even slightly work for the first time, and there's a weight that just...vanishes.

Only of course because Nooj can't have nice things, it goes into Baralai (who's spent two years friendless except maybe for occasional secret visits from Gippal, working with people he despises, which would bring anyone down). And that's another guilt for Nooj to carry, whether it's rational or not - depression is really good at making things your fault - that Baralai's like that because of him.

And then Baralai-Shuyin runs, so off they go after him, without a chance to rest or a safe place to do so until - maybe until it's over. I feel like I should apologize for all the time spent sidequesting instead of helping them.

In other news, I decided I wanted to get BOTH publicity companies to level 4, which involves just so much grinding at Sky Slots. So much. I watched like a podcast and a half, playing with the sound off so I didn't go mad, and they're not short! A total of 3.5-4 hours spent in the Calm Lands. Why did I do this to myself?

P.S. I still love Wakka. He's a dumb boy but he tries so hard, and he's grown so much. Even if he's dumb enough to go in without a healer, WAKKA, I know you have a lot of HP but PLEASE.

P.P.S. Actually I love Kimahri also; even though he's not with Yuna anymore he's still looking for spheres to make her happy.

P.P.P.S. Yuna protecting the guardians who once protected her!!!


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