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Want to have some fun? Try this:

Take Old World of Darkness Changeling. Create one Troll, a Kith that focuses on honor and loyalty. Use Achilles as your character template, because you want to play with oooold definitions of "hero" by creating a character who is honorable, loyal, noble, and very fond of wading through blood to the waist.

Give your Troll the Seelie legacy of Paladin. Description: "You are the quintessential competitor, and your story is that of the brave, stalwart athlete or hero. Constantly searching for new challenges to live for the chance to slay the monster, fulfill the quest, and win the game. Without the thrill of striving against others (or yourself), life quickly becomes dull and meaningless."

Take the Merit Daredevil. This gives you some bonuses in particularly dangerous actions.

Take the Flaw Overconfidence. This leads you to have an inflated opinion of your own abilities.

Take the Flaw Driving Goal. This means that you have something virtually unattainable which is always your first concern. Select 'eternal glory' as your goal.

In your character background, give this character a job as a gym teacher at a local boarding school.

Watch as the Storyteller (who inherited this campaign, but apparently does not have your character sheet in full) sets you up for a Oh-crap-this-is-impossible-for-us-to-kill-run-away scenario, involving a monster that devours children, quite likely including some of your character's students, who are thus her responsibility. Fight the monster, and only survive because your character is tough and got dragged away by the other PC (the only other one who showed for this session) when she could no longer move enough to do anything about it.

Attempt to explain to the Storyteller on just how many levels it was impossible for you to have your character run away from that fight under any circumstances including her own imminent death, and thus why you are mad at the Storyteller for forcing your character into a fight she could not win.

Watch the Storyteller boggle at the sheer number of character traits (ones that are even written down and affect things like number of experience points at character creation) that he didn't realize your character had that prevented her from doing what he expected you to have her do (i.e. run and avoid the fight). For those not in the know: each item listed above, including 'being Achilles', gives your character sufficient reason to fight to the death if you were so inclined. The combination removes the 'so inclined' factor.

Profit! (Seriously, he gave me two bonus XP for hitting me so hard with the plot bus, and because he didn't realize how impossible it was for me to make my character be sensible.)

...And this isn't the only way this character got hit with the plot bus this session. Or last. In the past two sessions, she's had her parents killed along with her entire hometown...sundry less traumatic events...and discovered that her mentor is willing to go to lengths for revenge--on another PC, yet, won't hear the reason for that until next session--that even Achilles-with-tits-and-also-blue finds repugnant.

To be fair to the Storyteller, he really didn't know about the character-cocktail of non-self-preservation I'd cooked up, nor did he realize that when I said, "This character is basically Achilles," I meant all of it, not just the bits convenient for me. Except the wearing women's clothing, because this character is female, and wearing men's clothing doesn't have half the taboo. And it didn't really sink in that I wasn't going to allow the fact that I thought she should book it keep Pyrrha from acting true to her character as designed. Such are the penalties of creating--or stealing--a character with a strong personality and really being in it for the character aspect of the RP: sometimes the character will do a dumb thing and nothing I can do will change that. And if the Storyteller/GM was expecting my personal sense of self-preservation to override the character's, well, he gets to think fast of a way to not kill me (if it's the kind of game where this would put a crimp in things).

Also, apparently Pyrrha got hit with the plot bus so much lately because she was the character who came in with the most emotional connections to others, and the second-most sanity.

Roll that over in your mind for a minute.

Pyrrha. The character based entirely on Achilles 'RAGE' Peliades. Started off with the second-most stable emotional life of the party. Was among the sanest PCs.


Admittedly, this may have something to do with one of the other players being not so much on the character building and roleplaying front, so his character doesn't exist enough to be fun taking potshots at. And with me showing up to all the sessions, so I'm there to be potshotted. But still. Achilles should not be one of the more emotionally healthy characters!

(Of course, this has changed. Next session will be some serious RAGE time.)


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