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Apparently when they take your gallbladder out, they won't let you take it home with you even if you ask. "bluh bluh Pathology needs it" Do they really? It's not like it's a secret what went wrong. There was a hardened blob of cholesterol the size of a marble in there, is what went wrong. And it's mine! I should be allowed to preserve as many of my organs in jars as I want to!

Doctors these days have no respect for the aesthetic.
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Surgery tomorrow morning means Anxiety Time tonight. So far it's not a big deal, just some usual stuff - no food or drink after midnight, need to take a couple showers with this special soap they gave me - but tomorrow Things will Happen, and I will not be in control of hardly any of them. (Not that I want to be in control necessarily; I stress about evenly either way.)

Also they gave me blood thinner shots to give myself after I get sent home, and I don't know how to do that. The box says "using the standard method, inject". Helpful. They promise they'll tell me in the hospital.

I'm either going to be really unconscious or really bored; I arrive at 10 am and the doctor wants me to stay overnight Just In Case I have trouble with the anesthesia. Which I am mildly to moderately panicking about. There are a lot of things to mildly to moderately panic about, with first-time abdominal surgery.


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