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Although dark sarcasm is always welcome, in the classroom or elsewhere.

So now I have several days to do whatever I want, then graduation practice, then graduation, then I never have to go near a high school again.

Life is damn good.
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I just had my last gym class of EVER. I will NEVER have to change into gym clothes and run around outside surrounded by stupid people at a teacher's command AGAIN.

Words can not express how happy this makes me.

On another note, reading LotR makes me write FFX fic. Best not to ask, I think.
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I lied. Holding a freshly-printed booklet (blast it all; the word I need is 'libellum', but it doesn't exist in English!) of your stuff, yours yours yours, after you've worked on only it for days and spent hours fiddling with pictures, fonts, introductions, and formatting, is the best feeling in the world.

I'm finished with my English project! And it's only due in final form tomorrow! Whee!

I really like it, too. It came out very well indeed. ♥
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I finally won a Boggle game! Not just one round, either, the whole game! Against my dad and Roger and Juliet's sister and the Sororical Unit! Yay! (Okay, so maybe the wine dad & Roger drank with dinner had something to do with it. Don't rain on my parade.)

I am irrationally pleased by this.


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