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1. COOKIES (the difficult ones, but mom and I are collaborating to make them)

2. FUDGE (made by me) (it's an amazing recipe, incredibly simple)

3. CAT (asleep on couch in a friendly fashion)
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1. Went to my dad's business partner's Christmas party and had an unexpected amount of fun and good conversation! Also snacks.

2. We changed plans so I have another day to get rid of this cold before going up to my grandparents' on Monday.

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1. Mom bought me ice cream for snacks, because she loves me. (Yes, I snack on ice cream in winter. Nom nom.)

2. Holding! the cat! as he purred and kneaded a little on my arm!

3. Listening to people talk about grading papers makes me feel smart, because at least I'm better than these guys.

(Kind of struggling to find things today; headcold is a little better but still very frustratingly miserable.)
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Despite all ("all" being a vicious head cold):

1. Tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches are ideal comfort food.

2. I am lucky to have people who understand/situations where I can take time for myself. (*sniffles into tissue*)

3. Sat on the couch next! to the cat! He's so good when he's not being a filthy boy.
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1. My D&D character failed a Will save tonight, the full effects of which have yet to be seen. I know this sounds like a bad thing, and for poor Kennet it is, but I think it's great.

2. It's raining gently, making nice noises on the roof.

3. The cat is looking at me with his wee little face. I love him.
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1. Mu shu pork for dinner, om nom nom.

2. New FFXV event was fun and more importantly was cat. (Also I'm gay for XV Garuda. That smiiiiile!)

3. Finished watching Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries with the fam - we were coming back to season 1, which we'd skipped the first time. As always, a tissue of plot and everyone is very bad at things. It seems Highlander is to be our next Well It's Not Good But I'm Entertained show.
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1. Read some smut that was, if not Good in an artistic sense, That Thing I Like.

2. Mostly did not die in Assassin's Creed. I really want to finish this by Jan 29, but my god, there are so many sidequests! (Leave some? Don't be ridiculous.)

3. Sir Purrcival wasn't around much today, but I did get to hug him some. A Good Boy.
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I'm struggling to select a project to work on. I have so many fics I'm partway through writing, and D&D adventures to design and NPCs to make, and I want to get unstuck on my original project, and I need to clean the house though that's super boring, and I want to get back into language studies, and - I just can't pick. There's so much. It doesn't help that I have problems with anhedonia (fun things not seeming like fun) because of my depression, so I don't "feel like" doing anything in particular.

I haven't written any fiction in like two months. No wonder I'm sad. But I don't know where to begin?
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1. Latkes, but more - which is to say, a box of mix split among three people instead of ten produces almost enough potatoey goodness. Also, applesauce.

2. I am cutting a bloody and largely value-neutral swath across classical Greece. I'm not very good at it, objectively speaking, and keep having to pay off bounties, but it's fun.

3. Cat! Got on my lap! And treaded his lil paws! (He is not a lapcat, so him paying even a brief visit to my lap is a gold-star day.)
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2. Encountered a story about resurrecting the Judean palm tree, which was wiped out by the invading Romans two millennia ago. This gives me Jewish feels. Am Yisrael Chai, motherfuckers!

3. Purrcy is demonstrating himself oddly tolerant of large human gatherings, which may be because one of our guests in particular basically came to see him. (She brought him a Chanukkah present,)
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1. I played a lottt of Assassin's Creed: Odyssey and it was super fun. I'm going to learn how to tame lions!

2. Take-out for dinner was delicious, and there's more for lunch tomorrow!

3. Purrcy was sink cat today. He's very fond of licking at the faucet, but he won't drink if it's running.
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You know what the problem is with the current state of fandom social media?

It's that I have so many sites logged in that I have to decide? where to post to? with my dumbass thoughts and video game emotions? I don't just shove it all on tumblr and call it a night?

Anyway, Assassin's Creed: Odyssey is a good and fun game where you can gain the power to be accompanied by a tame lion.
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I'm going to try making a list each day of three good things that have happened. I intended to start yesterday, but I fell asleep forgetting.

1. Read some good stories in The Starlit Wood. The one I just finished was really good horror, so uh, sleep? Fake actually.

2. My (now former) counselor helped me out with paperwork even though I was leaving.

3. Sir Purrcival Blakeney, Bart. is a good boy who purrs when I pick him up. He doesn't stay picked up for more than a minute or so, but while he does, he's a rumble factory.

It's over.

Jun. 15th, 2018 10:05 am
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We're burying him outside my parents' bedroom window.

It hurts.

I'll probably make a more extensive post about him soon, but I can't right now.
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I finally unboxed my loot from [personal profile] kawree/Find Your Way Crafts! She did a box bonus deal recently with a bunch of KH loot, and I'm so glad I picked some up! It’s all so good; I’m very pleased with my purchase.

My favorite part is that she packaged them all up in little folded-paper boxes. It’s as if she knew that I love tiny pretty boxes the most of all! I’m so pleased!

My mom’s favorite is the All-Seeing Eye magnet, which now lives on our fridge and presumably spies on her while she cooks. Well, if she doesn’t mind, I guess I don’t mind?

I also got Org XIII and Kairi pony stickers, Kairi and Xion postcards, a cowrie necklace, a paopu bracelet, and a Terra keychain! All pretty and I will have to find some excuse to wear/use them!
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*blows dust off* Well, it has been some time, hasn't it? I don't know who if anyone is still around here, but I decided to try getting back into more long-form blogging. Tumblr is just not good if you want to have a serious conversation, and I could really use a place to blather about my situation that feels more controlled and safe.

So, hi again, I'm Cygna, 29/f/asexual lesbian. (Did I know that about myself when last I was here? I'm not sure I did. It's been a while.) I write, play video games, and suffer from mental illness. (I'm pretty sure that's new as well, though it seems like it's been forever.) I like JRPGs, particularly Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy; I try to read more and often fail, but I'm really into fantasy, particularly YA (it's where it seems like all the action is these days). I play Dungeons & Dragons, World of Darkness, and basically anything else you're willing to talk me through until I get the hang of it. I do DWRP on a series of fandom character blogs. I love cats!
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Okay so I've been terrible at posting here but I will try! To remedy that!

I'm mostly popping up because I'm a mixture of intellectually exhausted and wildly elated. Which in turn is because I wrote 3000 words of original fiction in only about two hours. Which in turn means that I finished the werewolf novel. It's 75,000 words and has taken me a total of three months, which I think is not too shabby considering the number of holidays, changes of medication, etc. that were included in said months.

Novel!!! Exists!!! In very rough draft, since I for example realized that a chapter I'd planned for one point belonged several chapters earlier, but it exists!!!!!

Wow. I did a thing.
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Affecting Eternity
19k words or so.
Spoilers for DDD; otherwise, no warnings.
Features Riku, Lea, and Kairi. And hijinks.

All Vows

Sep. 13th, 2013 10:13 pm
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I cried at services this evening.

Judaism, the Day of Atonement, and catharsis )


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